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Being a Mom Isn't All Gravy

Who doesn't know that marketing to women, online or off, often involves kids? Moms are one of the largest segments in the marketing to women overall demographic. Even women who are not officially 'Moms'... for instance, they don't have children of their own - are still Moms of a sort. Women are the caretakers of hearth and home, of car and office, and of kitchen and bathroom. So, Dr. Mom does exist, and even when she's at the office, she's working on family issues.

Kevin Burke knows this. That's why he's wearing a pregnancy suit. I asked him some specifics like, "While being pregnant is a singularly unique experience - and different for every woman - at least we are fairly confident that the outcome with be, well, a baby. What do you expect to come out of thisEmpathy_belly  endeavor?

Here's what he said: "Yvonne, thank you for your support and the chance to share my thoughts with you and your readers. I have hopes of gaining a bit more insight into the challenges women face when pregnant. The pregnancy suit can only go so far. It is well designed, but only scratches the surface. The company that produces it can be found Empathy Belly.

"Now this is worth repeating, this experience does not come remotely close to replicating what a women goes though for a whole myriad of reasons.

"With that in mind, I feel it still a worthwhile endeavor. Who knows what I will discover. I am curious, humble, and appreciate the sacrifices women make so that we can have wonderful children. A small piece of learning. The first thing that I have gained a better appreciation for is the weight change. I am surprised at how heavy 33 lbs can feel when attached to my stomach. Besides all of the energy it must take for the  "life generation" occurring inside a women, it's no wonder the experience is so tiring.

"Right in the middle of a conversation with a colleague, I had to sit down because I had been standing too long. I felt a little embarrassed."

Oh, Kevin - that isn't even the half of it! But, we ladies are impressed that at least you're trying.

I will have more from Kevin in coming weeks. Do YOU have any questions for him?


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Michelle Dunn

Great post and a great blog, I just ran across your blog and am so glad I did. I will check back often!
Michelle Dunn

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