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Pregnancy can be a manly thing, too

My friend Kevin Burke, over at Lucid Marketing (the Marketing to Moms place), is trying an experiment. It's not new...others have done it before him...but, his will be unique because he's displaying it on a blog.

Over at Light Iris blog, Kevin is showing off his new figure. Here's his explanation:

"My name is Kevin Burke. I’m a husband and a dad who is curious, humble, and passionate about finding ways to help moms. And on April 13th, I put on a pregnancy suit and am wearing it every day in private until Mother's Day, May 13th. I am sharing my experience here with you. I know this is not simulating a real pregnancy, but I am hoping it will give me and others a stronger appreciation for what moms go through and perhaps enable Light Iris to play a small part in helping meet those challenges. If this is your first time to this blog, I encourage you to read my first entry.Kevin_burke_pregnant"
While I applaud Kevin's motives, I'm a little nonplussed. A pregnancy suit can't begin to match real pregnancy - no swollen ankles, no indigestion, no getting up to pee all night long. Kevin knows that - he's not trying to prove anything. He's just trying to relate and there isn't any other way for that to happen, than wearing the pregnancy suit. So far, he's discovered that it's darn uncomfortable!
I'll be following him on this endeavor - which, I believe, is going to last until Mother's Day. I'll be asking him some questions and posting his answers here. All in good fun and experimentation. In support of his new endeavor for new Moms.
Note: as mentioned in many other posts, marketing to women - online or off - can be more successful if  you engage our men in your focus. We like men - we are partnering with them in business and life - we ask their advice, give them ours, and are really glad to have them around. Men like Kevin set a high standard for the rest of them - true - but, he's one of many men who recognize the power of Moms. Let it be said that Moms recognize the power of Dads, too.


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