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Found this article in Red Herring (would cite where I found it or who sent it, but I can't remember. Likely it's from a Google news alert on marketing to women), on "Beauty and the Bucks" by Ken Women_shopping_online Schachter.

The article is about a site called Glam. Schachter says, "At first glance, Glam.com, the site Mr. Arora launched in September 2005, looks like the same souffle' of celebrity gossip, fashion, and lifestyle tips you'll find at sites like Instyle.com and Style.com, home of Vogue. But did a little deeper, and Glam begins to look less like a recycled fashion magazine than a finely tuned money machine."

Hmmm... not sure what Mr. Schachter was looking at but the Glam.com that I visited was fluff. Style about style, silliness, soppiness, uselessness. That's, of course, IMHO...as a woman who doesn't need someone else to tell me how to dress, what kind of underwear to buy, and whose sunglasses I should perch on my nose. I watch the news tabloids - which give me all the celebrity content I need.

Then, when I clicked in to Glam.com's blogs, I was momentarily impressed. In fact, I was entertained. The site takes blogging to its logical conclusion when marketing to women online. While women like to think of themselves as above that sort of thing (well, a lot of us do), the truth is a bit different. We are definitely influenced by trends, by the comments of other women, and by places that give us a voice. Glam.com blogs seem designed to do all of that. Love the books one (needs content... they should call me.) but, when I tried to click into a few others ... hello, broken links!!! I was continually returned to the Glam Network. None of the links got me where I wanted to go.

Dear Mr. Arora, we ladies don't put up with that kind of thing. Fix'em. Or, not. I'll check back later... tomorrow... maybe Monday. Your Red Herring article indicates you have $17 million to spend... so use it to make your site work properly.

Readers, what do you think? Is this a one-stop shopping, browsing, visiting, chatting, oohing and ahhing place? The fastest growing site on the web? Worth saving the RSS feeds, or not?


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