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Women and Marketing: A Great Fit for Blogs

I'm a member of a number of organizations. I serve on the Board of my local chapter of the American Marketing Association and of Women in Communications, two orgs that I have a passion for. But, I'm also a member of a whole lot of women's groups online. As I tell people when I speak on the topic of Marketing to Women Online, women LOVE the Internet. We use it to connect. To communicate. And, to build strong relationships. In addition to shopping, of course!

This week I received my WECAI magazine, WE, and took some time to open it (a rarity for me - time, that is.) I know I've mentioned this group before - Women's Ecommerce Association International, but this time I want to spotlight a particular article in their monthly magazine. An article written by one of my very BBBs (best blogging buddy). Before I do that, please take a moment to visit the WECAI website and join. You won't be sorry!

In the spring issue of WE Magazine, there is an article titled, "Blogs: A Business Woman's New Best Friend." Toby_bloomberg_photo

I couldn't agree more! I thought to myself as I perused the TOC. Of course, the other items were also intriguing, "Your Business Card Sucks," and "Tech Toys," for instance. But, the blog article...I had to go to that directly and when I did - well, WOW! My own BBB Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing was the author of that article! There is no one better to write such a great piece on why blogging is a fabulous tool for women in business!

I'm mentioning this article today because it's so appropriate. It's so true. And the wealth of information in it goes far beyond my admiration for Toby and her work. In the world of business today, we ladies need all the good advice we can get. This article is a must-read. Pass it on to all your friends. And guys - there's something in there for you, too.

Such as, "Blogs turn a static internet presence into an exchange of thoughts, information and experiences." How about this - "When visitors read your blog they come to know the people who are your company. That leads to emotional engagement with your brand and your organization."

Get thee to the magazine, read Toby's excellent work, and subscribe! Do it now!


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Heidi Richards, Founder & CEO - The WECAI Network™

Dear Yvonne,

Thanks so much for mentioning WE magazine for women. And as for Toby's article, I couldn't agree more! It is filled with excellent advice anyone can use to create meaningful relations in business and in life.

Warmest regards,


Yvonne - thank you for your very kind words. Lip-Sticking is a wonderful example of how blogs can create relationships that lead to business opportunities .. with an added bonus of developing friendships.

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