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A Tuesday Fit by Five

It's been awhile since I did a Fit by Five. But, there is a whole lotta great content out there that I think you should know about, and which can help you when you think about your marketing campaign and the women you want to connect with or to. Let's look at some of the current happenings around the net:

1. Hop over to this site, Women and Books, and take part in their study. The eWomen Publishing Network has partnered (partnering is what it's ALL about) Content Connections, to form this new group "to gather information about their economic impact and the dynamics that influence their book buying decisions.  The study will also look at factors that could help more women become successfully published authors." My thoughts: Hear, hear!!!Spaglo

2. From SpaGlo comes this news, "Too Busy to Relax, Women Create the Spa Experience at Home." Wow! The press release states "Depending on the extent of the home spa someone wants to create, it can cost as little as $50 for a few accessories to $10-thousand and over for complete renovations." Isn't Mother's Day coming soon? Get thee over to this site and check it out! (hope they don't mind that I borrowed this delightful photo from them - it just works on so many levels!)

3. Color Matters, a site that you should be watching closely - because, as it says, Color Matters, has an e-book that looks interesting. If you want a really powerful, dynamic web presence, you need to know how to use color. Check it out,I know I'm going to.

4. Still wondering how software developers create customized software for specific solutions? To be honest, I never considered it...until now. One of our authors over at WME, has written a great book about this topic. The great part is - he makes it entertaining by comparing software development with detective work, Edgar Allan Poe, to be exact. Give it some thought - you can learn more at Tom Bullinger's page on our website. His book is The Reverse Detective.  

5. To wind up, saving the best for last, Dave Young over at Branding Blog (great guy! smart and good looking, too!) shares this link for trees. Vote Yes! for Trees and...the folks at the site will plant a tree for you. How kewl is that? We need more trees. Come on, you know it. Help plant a tree - and you'll breathe easier every day!

Go on now... you have work to do. Lots of good stuff in this post today. See you tomorrow.


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Yvonne DiVita

Don't know how I missed it... will check it out this weekend.


How have you missed tv-style on the net:

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