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When I started this blog I didn't really have much of an understanding of the power of blogging. In fact, as many people know, I was dragged -- yes, dragged -- into blogging kicking and screaming. By Tom.

Tom was completing his Master's Degree at UB - and one assignment was to create and post in a blog. It only took him once or twice to get hooked. Then, it was a relentless, "You gotta do this!" to me. Especially when I started talking newsletter. Mind you, I'm not saying having a blog means you don't need a newsletter - everything is relative. Sometimes a blog is enough, sometimes it's not.

For me, I knew I couldn't (at that time - I'm having second thoughts now ) do both. Since a newsletter wasn't something Tom wanted to help me with, I gave in and let him build me this blog. And, I started posting. And, I started meeting people. And, I got invited to moderate a SIG on the AMA's list serve, which got me involved with my local AMA Chapter, RAMA. And, I got hooked, just like Tom. All thoughts of a newsletter went right out of my little head.

This blog has been very good to me. I can attribute more than 50% of my business to having it. To writing in it. To being connected to hundreds of other bloggers - some pretty important ones. But, the best part of having this blog is that it's provided an education in business and marketing that I could not have gotten anywhere else.

That's right - though I don't have a framed certificate to hang on my wall - I think I've pretty much covered the requirements for a Master's Degree through the challenges of keeping this blog. No, I didn't get training in statistics...which is the main reason I'm not actively pursuing a real MS. But, I've learned from Toby, and Susan, and Andy, and Steve, and Evelyn, and Michele, and Elisa, and Jory, and Anita, and Rosa, and Andrea, and Matt, and Phil, and Suzanne, and Kirsten, and Jane, and Kevin...and the list would stretch to China if I tried to include everyone! The point is, these bloggers (and so many more) have taught me through our one-on-one talks and through their own writing, how to help you do the marketing to women online task.

At various times they've answered my silly questions, they've asked some (serious) questions of their own, and they've been totally open and authentic in everything they do - with me, my readers, and with their readers. These folks aren't in it to get rich or famous. Like me... they're in it for the connection value.Scratchings_and_sniffings_logo

It's that connection value that this post is about. Because... my blog introduced me to WOMMA, where I was part of a panel over a year ago - and where I met someone from Purina. Yes, that Purina. The pet food company. My connection to WOMMA then to this contact at Purina helped me land the petblog I write and manage over at Scratchings and Sniffings. It was my persistence, my knowledge of blogging, and my background in marketing to women (we're the larger group of pet lovers, btw)... that helped me land the petblog account.

Today, Scratchings and Sniffings is the Typepad Featured Blog of the day! So, I want to thank Tom, and all the others, for their help in making THIS blog worthwhile. Because without it, I wouldn't be writing about pets, and I wouldn't have met Dr. Larry...Cute_cat_video_announcement

I also want to Thank Typepad for this recognition. WOW! What a delight!

Stop over if you get a chance.

We're doing a Cute Cat Contest and we'd LOVE to see your kitty in lights - wouldn't you? 


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Yvonne - we have all learned from each other as we turned corners and encounted new situations where there was no book or "professor" to ask our questions. Congrats! on your many successes in this world .. Scratchings and Sniffings being just one.

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