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Thanks to Greg - who is always looking out for me - what a sweetie! I have a really interesting post Heshe_ratio_on_blogs today. The He/She Ratio as noted on Google Blogoscoped. Fascinating stuff. [this image is hard to read, so go visit the site. i'm not a Firefox expert...I can only recreate simple images...sorry that this one is a bit fuzzy)

Do you think you're marketing to women effectively? How many times are you she-ing compared to he-ing? In other words, how many times do you refer to 'she' as opposed to 'he'? The blog post has a number of sites with its he/she stats - showing interesting results. I did a Lip-sticking check and was happy to see my ration is: 45% to 57% (he/she).

As Phillip notes on the post, "What does this ratio tell us? If you think it reveals that e.g. a site with a higher "he" count is primarily consisting of or appealing to a male audience, that's not true; for instance, both as well as show a higher count for "she." "

Fascinating and very useful in recognizing how well you're reaching the women's market. As long as you remember - it isn't the ratio result - it's how you're using those terms, that counts. I'm glad that my ratio is close to 50-50 because I believe men and women are equal, and integral to everything we do. I think specific campaigns need a focus on the he or the she, sometimes. But, remember how often I tell you to get the men involved if you want to reach the women.

Check out your he/she's free. Don't forget to look at the comments. Rebecca Kelley makes a very good point.


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Account Deleted

Marketing Roadmaps came in as 53/47. Couple of comments. First, in a blog, the pronoun use is going to reflect who you are specifically talking about, even more perhaps than the generic use of pronouns, regardless of whether you are flattering or funning. I talk about people of both sexes on my blog pretty equally.

As to the generic (Rebecca's point) I deliberately mix it up in my writing, sometimes using he, sometimes she and never the stupid s/he.

So my pretty even score doesn't surprise me at all. Like you I am proud and glad it came out that way.

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