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Marketing to Women Not Just Flowers and Chocolate

No matter how hard I try to dispel the belief that all women are gardeners, or that we all love chocolate, or that we all like pink, those age-old misconceptions persist. I still find too many websites that want to sell to women but are so decked out in shades of pink, I have a hard time figuring out who their actual market is - little girls who crave Barbie, or grown women in the workforce?

David Berkowitz has a wonderful article over at Search Insider. It bears reading - and applying (as he says) to your business. The article, Baby Name Optimization, is a great review of what new parents and their families are doing to assure instant online success for the new kids on the block. David suggest you apply these principles to marketing your business. I agree.Women_shopping_online

Some of it is outrageous - and funny. But, if you can apply this... if you can read that article and say, "Yeah, I could do that and it would help my business by..." Or, "No way! That's really crazy! If I do that, I'll lose all my customers!" then you're far, far ahead of the people who still think women are of the Leave it to Beaver mold. Hint: women don't wear high heels to vacuum the rug, anymore.

So, yes, we like flowers - but not all of us want to grow them in our backyard. Yes, a whole lot of us like chocolate, but it's better as a thank-you than a come-on. And yes, we want to give our babies names that rock - so we might resort to some of David's ideas. But, in the end, if you want us to buy from you, optimize your web presence properly. Don't try to lure us in with pink, or chocolates, or some lame mention of Lindsay Lohan.

In other words, know who we are.


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This was hugely helpful.

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