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Motorati Island: Shopping on Second Life

Can't pass up this news from one of my bbb's Jody DeVere at Ask Patty...

"Ask Patty Launches Automotive Advice for Women in Second Life"

The venue is being held on Pontiac's Motorati Island - which "includes 96 acres of shops, car dealers, hangouts, restaurants, racetracks, and road-side attractions dedicated to automotive enthusiasts in Second Life." I am NOT going to explain what Second Life is. You all know what it is...

Well, okay, here's a little explanation taken from the press release,"Like the real world, Second Life has an economy that's created by its users and based on Linden dollars. The content you create is your property and you're free to sell it to others. Millions of Linden dollars trade hands every month and they can all be exchanged for real money. The world is filled with creations both large and small, built by users just like you."

Here's a little list of what you can get when you visit the Ask Patty part of Motorati:Ask_patty_coffee_bar

  • Get advice from our panel of auto expert women
  • Read our automotive FAQs
  • Enter our $50,000 Automotive Shopping Spree
  • Get automatic service reminders with MyCarPage
  • Search for your Dream Car!
  • Get a free Ask Patty shirt and pin
  • Learn about child seat safety at our child safety kiosk
  • Let the Second Life kiddies play in our play area!

What does it all mean? It means go to Second Life and join the world for a "mega-huge launch party!" May 11th from 4pm to 7pm PST. They'll have cappuccinos and freshly baked cookies! Hmmmm....

See y'all there!


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Hi there. Pretty neat stuff.

I have added your blog entry to the list of Ask Patty Wonder Links that I run. Please check it out.

Also, for automotive bloggers please check out our new eNewsletter.

Take care

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