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Women Who Shop Online...

Quick little updates on women who shop online, from my Google alerts box.

From Spannerworks this note that "More Young Women Than Men Going Online." The company is out of the UK, but the marketing talk if pretty familiar. They say, "The Nielsen/NetRatings study found that 18 per cent of the UK's adult population is drawn from this demographic and young women are also spending more time online...than males of the same age." Women_shopping_online

What does it mean? It means shopping. Trust me.

Over at Taming the Beast, a really neat blog, Michael Bloch says, "57% of the women surveyed research and purchase online, but a substantial portion (31%) research online and purchase offline." I'm one. I love window-shopping online...but sometimes want the touch and feel of stuff offline.

This stat was interesting, "18% of working women state most of their online shopping is done during work hours." And, "Online shopping time is mainly 'me' time - shopping for themselves rather than their family." He says women are "a force to be reckoned with." Hmmm... do I smell a trend?

And, from eMarketer, we can learn that, "Nearly all American women who had shopped online in the past 12 months had purchased at least one item online..." There's a really neat list of "media influence" from BIGResearch, showing what gets women to buy. The biggest influence, according to them, is the magazine industry.

And, I concur. I do look at ads in magazines, and I do go to the website. Most of my women friends do, also. (yes, I asked them)

So... print is not dead! TV is next in line... so broadcast influence continues. Traditional advertising is not going away...so combine it with your online marketing to women projects.


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Carol Lee

Hi everybody,

Can somebody suggest me a better online shopping resource where I can purchase the quality fashion lingerie in a wide array of styles and sizes. However, I searched the web and find the resources i.e.
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Carol Lee


Interesting stats!
This should be good news for my fashion and beauty shopping site. I just hope that women all over the world will follow in the footsteps of their American and British sisters! The focus on my site is international shipping.


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