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Get Off the Fence FAST, or Go Home

by Guest Blogger, Lena West 

People always ask me how they can either build a successful blog or make their podcast more engaging.  Here's the deal...

Part of having a social media vehicle (SMV) - podcast, blog, etc. - means having an opinion to share.  That's part of your 'I'.

I was speaking with a colleague the other day and one of the things that we both shared was that we wished people would just pick one side of the fence and commit. Racoon

I don't have to agree with you, necessarily but, at least have an opinion. That I can respect.  In fact, I've been known to read the blogs and listen to the podcasts of people with whom I really don't share many viewpoints but, their delivery is solid, consistent and thorough. People who sit on the fence strike me as...ahem...sneaky and 'up to something' in general.

Far too many people have SMVs and go along with the majority....the mediocre majority. What a shame! What a waste of bits and bytes! SMVs are opportunites to express a unique point of view - ones that you feel are overlooked by the majority of your target market - ones that boil your blood and get you on your 'soapbox'.

So, if you want to know how to take your SMV to the next level, think long and hard about what you stand for, what you know to be the root cause of many of your industry's challenges....and then write.

And, for Pete's sake, get off the fence.


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Thanks for reading, Bonnie & Karin!

I think a lot of times it's because people think someone will disagree with them or that their stance is too 'harsh' - whatever that means.

My feeling is that the more 'you' you can be, the better for everyone. It's less stress on you and it allows people to see who you really are and make informed decisions about whether they want to read your work/remain friends, etc.

Opine on!



Nice post, Lena... I think. I'm not sure I agree or disagree. On the one hand, a decision not to form or state an opinion is a decision in itself, and I don't want to fault anyone for making ANY decisions that might be different than mine. On the other hand, taking a stand is good, but what if it's the wrong stand or you change your mind later? You might look like a waffler! I just don't know... maybe I'll flip a coin.


I'm sure you realize what I wrote above was entirely tongue-in-cheek! I do totally agree with you.

I find it very frustrating when people won't take a stand or make a decision (especially when they're an authority figure). Sometimes it's procrastination, sometimes it's fear that others might not like your point of view, sometimes it's just incompetence that keeps people on the fence. Regardless of the reason, isn't it uncomfortable? :-)



Duly noted.

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