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The Dad Effect

The big day  has come and gone, but the respect, love and admiration some of us feel for our dads, has not. Those are feelings that exist all year long.

Our father's day was exciting - we're here in Colorado, visiting the daughter and granddaughter, and Colorado_mountains_majesty soaking up the Erie, CO sun. The mountains are off in the distance (I'm afraid of the mountains... what does that mean?) with their snow capped peaks, and stark maroon cliffs. I look at the mountains and feel small, lost, totally unimportant. Others look at the mountains and see their majesty, their power, their beauty. While I admit all of that is there, I cannot embrace it. They look menacing to me.

This blog talks about women a whole lot. My focus is on women - how to get your products and services in front of them, specifically, online. Sometimes I mention men - especially Dads - because, truth be known, we ladies like our men. We like our Dads, our brothers, our Uncles, our boyfriends, all the terrific neighbor kids that help us mow our lawns and shovel our walks. We love our sons - who so often remind us of their Dads. We embrace the 'family' that includes both sexes.

Dads are important - anyone who says otherwise is just fooling themselves. Dads are vital to the emotional and physical health of our children. Dads are the ones who make it "all right." The ones we run to when the storm is too harsh, too loud, too scary. Their the ones we want to show off for - practice our dance for, display our martial arts for, ask for help with our science project. (yes, we do all this for and with Moms, too... but, there's a fine line between why we do it for Dad and why we do it for Mom; this post is about the Dad Effect.)

The Dad Effect is an enormous part of growing up. That one Sunday in June that we honor our Dads is just a superfluous way of giving homage. Throughout the year, we depend on our Dads for so much, it's often easy to take them for granted. Perhaps even more than we take our Moms for granted.

After all, Dad is the one who chose Mom. Dad is the one who held Mom's hand during labor, feeling helpless because he wasn't able to share in the pain and worry. Dad is the one who got the car seat situated to protect you as an infant. Dad is the one who said yay or nay to that puppy or kitten. And then, filled in for you when you were offHappy_fathers_day doing 'other' things, making sure the family pet got fed and walked. Dad is the one who will be standing proud at your graduation (grade school, high school, college, grad school, and beyond) wondering where the time went. He'll be holding Mom's hand (or standing somewhere near), remembering - remembering - remembering, the tiny fingers and toes you had...back when you were but a day or two old.

Sometimes, the Dad we're talking about isn't the one who was there are your birth. Sometimes, the Dad we're talking about came along later on. Sometimes the Dad who held you, and loved you, and supported you is a Dad who is not related to you by blood. But, he's your Dad, nonetheless. [pic from this outstanding link at Geocities.]

I hope you gave your Dad a big hug yesterday - but, even more so... I hope you give him another one, today.

Here's to Dads everywhere.


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