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Let's face it - women like to talk. Talking is what we do best. Some women can talk through 19 hours of hard labor! Some women can talk through a wedding, in between sobs, of course. A lot of women talk in their sleep, so I've heard.

Jody_devere_of_ask_patty So, this new development over at the outstanding Ask Patty site, the automotive advice for women site, is just a natural. You, dear readers, are among the very few to get a first look at this fab new development. Jody DeVere, the founder and CEO of Ask Patty, shared this with me last week... even before she announced it at Blogher this past weekend (yes, I have a lot to say about Blogher, just give me time, but I have to warn you - I was sick in bed for most of it)... and now that the beta has been officially launched, I get to show it off to you, my devoted readers.

Hop on over the Car Blabber and post a review... for heaven's sake, what are you waiting for? Car dealers all over the country are staring at their computer screen waiting for gals to blab about their vehicles on this site! You drive one, I know you do... we (Jody, Patty, the other writers at Car Blabber) want you to blab about your car, now, today... yes, go on... this minute...  NO, wait... come back... I didn't mean THIS minute... stay here and watch the video where Jody introduces Car Blabber... THEN go blab about your car, and join the club and make sure you tell the truth!

Then, come back and watch this neat video my honey and significant other (soon to be my husband, no, really...before the next millennium, I promise) created at Blogher with Patty, when I couldn't be there because I was barely clinging to life back in the hotel room.

Hey, Patty - I'm sick about missing you... well, that's not what made me sick, I was sick to begin with and should have stayed home but... I wanted to see all my Blogher buds...

BTW, YOU look ma-velous, dawlink!

Announcing CarBlabber!


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How in the heck did I miss you at BlogHer Yvonne? I was only there Saturday, but Jory told me you were there but got sick and had to go back to your room. RATS! I hope you're all better now sweetie. I met a lot of people, but I'm bummed that I missed YOU. Maybe next year..... Hugs, Joy


Yvonne - hope you're feeling lots better now. Selfishly, I was looking forward to your BlogHer reviews. You always bring the 'heart' of the event to life thru your posts.

Jody DeVere


Hope you are feeling better! Let's make a date now to meet at Blogher08! So bummed you were not feeling well and missed all the fun!

Jody DeVere

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