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Today's Fit by Five: In Support of Good Friends

Lots to talk about but good friends take precedence. Get thee to these links and participate... Susan Getgood of Marketing Roadmaps (love her Lewis Carroll quote, can't wait to see her at Blogher), is talking "A Little Perspective. " She's highlighting her 'other' blog Snapshot Chronicles where she and a... Read more →

How To Do Everything with Podcasting
by Shel Holtz with Neville Hobson

It's out, it's fabulous, you should get your copy today. I had the distinct pleasure of working with Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson as their agent on this book, the How to Do Everything with Podcasting book. Along the way, they were busy writing and I was busy with life... Read more →

Ergonomics: Why Are the Ladies Always Left Out?

This post is categorized under Female-Friendly although it should be in the decidely NOT female-friendly category. I don't have one of those...maybe I'll start one. I'm writing today about ladies' handbags. Purses. Those tiny, or mid-sized, or enormous things we women carry around on our forearms or shoulders all day... Read more →