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There is no other way to say it than: Wow! Another fantastic event put on by the women of Blogher, and when I say women, I mean women - from the presenters to the organizers to the sponsors to the attendees; all the women at this conference proved that a woman's voice is a powerful thing.

I have to admit that I missed a lot of the conference - stuck back in bed in the hotel, but I managed to get to a few presentations, meet-up with old friends and make some new friends, and I got to hear all about the stuff I missed from Karin and Tom, who drove to Chicago with me... well, they drove. I lounged in the back. Big applause to them, please, for indulging me. Businesswomen_in_a_meeting

As with most conferences, you learn the most and experience the best in-between sessions. I did not get a chance to partake of this, this year. I hustled (while I could still hustle) to a few sessions and then to lunch and then...back to the hotel. And, honestly, I don't feel as if I missed that much. The sessions I attended were outstanding. The speakers were not only knowledgable, but friendly. In the best women's way, it was the audience that led the presentations, by asking questions, offering insight, and thanking the presenters for their hard work preparing their talks.

Since I cannot report on much of the conference, I will just say that what I did see and attend was worth the long drive from Rochester, NY to Chicago. The Community discussion was highly informative, and something I will tap into down the road. I will even go so far as to say that I endured being on the Navy Pier...without too much whining (those who know me will know I do not like water... I shower ONLY because I have to, and I never go to the beach or in a pool).

One of the very, very best things about attending this year's Blogher was introducing it to two new people. Karin Marlett-Choi, our graphic designer, and Donna DeClemente, our sweepstakes manager, both attended on my recommendation, and Donna, at least, got a lot out of it.

To everyone I missed because of my untimely illness... I'm sorry! We will meet up next time, for sure.

Here's to Lisa and Elisa and Jory for their hard work putting together such a truly exciting and eventful conference. And, kudos to all the great guys who were there - what a great world we live in, when over 700 women can get together to create a more powerful presence, and also welcome those stalwart members of that other gender, because, after all, they're intimate parts of us - and we love'em.

For a truly informative look inside the conference, visit Donna's Promo Talk - Donna did a bang-up job covering the whole event.


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Lena West

Wow, BlogHer sounds like it was a blast - no surprise there!

Thanks for the recap, Yvonne.

I'm sorry I missed it. I can't wait for BlogHer I'm really overdue for a BlogHer fix!

I've only been a BlogHer convert for the past year but, I have to say that the events are stellar and the people who produce the events are approachable, real and kick-butt.

If you ever doubted whether you should go, hopefully Yvonne's run down will help you make the right decision (read: go!).

Rock on, BlogHer!

Donna DeClemente

Thanks again Yvonne for introducing me to the BlogHer network and to the world of blogging. I was very proud to be a part of the women who blog at the conference and to be associated with you. I'm just sorry you didn't get as much of a chance to have some fun with us as Karin and I surely did.

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