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Brandjam: Getting Your Head Around Brand and Social Input

RAMA, the Rochester Chapter of the AMA, is hosting a luncheon on Sept. 27th at which brand expert Marc Gobe will speak. Marc's latest book (which each attendee will receive F*R*E*E!) is called Brandjam: Humanizing Brands Through Emotional Design.

A few days ago I had the privilege of speaking to Marc on the phone (the complete interview is over on the RAMA site... hop over and listen to it on Sunday, Sept. 23rd) and I came away with a new view of social networking and social media, and how interaction with the consumer is affecting brands, today. Brandjam_the_book

Gobe talks "the language of design," as he says on his website. Over on his publisher's website, it says, "Brandjam bolsters the opportunities that are created when a porduct's communication can stimulate consumers beyond the thirty-second commercial."

Although I have not yet read Gobe's book, I can relate to his concepts. He's talking the talk and walking the walk, and if you pay attention to what he says, you'll be able to tune into the women's market successfully. One thing that Gobe says that may help is the way he discusses "brandjamming" as a means to connect, especially with the people and the culture you're selling in to. He compares it to jazz... and jam sessions that create outstanding music.

I'll have more on his book after I read it. For now, I recommend you start thinking about where the consumer fits in your branding and marketing efforts. Emotional branding and brandjamming are the best ways to get into the customer's head - learn what she thinks about, how she perceives you, and be sure to pay attention to the language she speaks. Music, my friend, is try some jazz.


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