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One World, Many Women, Many Stories

Social media isn't the only media worth paying attention to. As noted in an earlier post, women like to read. And, we like to share. When we read something that mentions our name, wow... do we ever like to share.Morning_coffee_and_paper

Last weekend I was eating my morning bagel, drinking my hazelnut flavored coffee, glancing through Sunday's Democrat and Chronicle when Lo! and Behold! my name popped out at me! Nothing like seeing your name in the newspaper to make you sit up and take notice. I totally forgot about TV (we watch Sunday morning news on CBS - LOVE Nancy Giles!) and all my focus was on the article in the paper.

Donna DeClemente (who got her pic in the paper but not online) wrote about, "Social media network growing in significance." Well... how kewl was that! After all, I introduced her to blogging. It was very flattering to see her mention me, and Blogher - which I also got her to attend. But, the best part was her understanding of it...and her ability to share that with our local community. Go Donna! Her blog is Donna's Promo Talk, all about sweepstakes, and she manages the ones we do here. Right now she's in Chicago at PromoLive, as a live blogger. Hop over and see what's going on in the world of promotions.

After reading Donna's so neat article, I turned the page and lo! and behold! there was an article about a good friend of mine, Diane Garga! One of the paper's writers (Deborah Alexander) wrote about Diane's "Path less traveled." The article was outstanding. One quote that really stuck with me was, "There have been times when my voice was not heart or I was not sought out or not looked upon as an equal." How many women can relate to THAT?

Diane is now a senior consultant with Idea Connection Systems, Inc. and is one of the best writers and thinkers in this town. She's also trained in diversity and has experiences to tell that will keep you captivated for hours!

Imagine, now...that I'm pretty proud of our hometown paper, covering such great topics and people... when, what does my eye catch next - an article about One World Goods... a truly exceptional and unique gift shop in Pittsford, NY. While reading the article, which focused on the store's 10 year anniversary, and its recent remodeling, whose picture pops up but Karin Marlett-Choi, our very own book cover and interior design professional. I haven't been to the store in forever (bad Yvonne!) but I know how hard Karin has been working on the store renovations. It's only right that the paper covered the Grand Reopening. According to Karin, speaking of the trinkets and products in the store, "If you see it and you like it, you better buy it." Cause, it might not be there ever again, their products are so exclusive.

Whew! That was a busy morning. And, just to be honest...those articles were not all in the same edition. I was actually reading Saturday's and Sunday's papers. One does try to keep up.


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Donna DeClemente

Hi Yvonne,
I'm glad you liked the article and thanks again for providing me with a quote to use. I'm still in Chicago. The PROMO Live Conference was good and I'm now celebrating my birthday and anniversary with my husband who joined me here. We're going to be tourists for the day.
Thanks for the recognition and all you and Tom have done to help me.

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