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Social Media and Marketing to Women Online

I've been discussing marketing to women online to a number of folks, lately. Some are prospects, most are friends in marketing. All are interested in this topic.

The marketing to women space has exploded in the last four years, since I wrote my book, Dickless Marketing: Smart Marketing to Women Online. A quick search in Google, or Yahoo! or MSN reveals millions of results for the terms "marketing to women" and "marketing to women online." I'm proud to be on the first page of those results...but what does it all mean? Why is marketing to women different than marketing to men?Woman_at_computer

Well, why are poodles different than Great Danes? Why are romance novels different than biographies? Why are 12 year olds different than 20 year olds?

Poodles, though canines like Great Danes, are not of the same temperment or personality. And, they look a whole lot different.

Romance novels, though books just as biographies are books, are for flights of fancy, for allowing yourself to get lost in fictional conquests and stories, whereas biographies are fact-filled, to the point, and relevant to a particular person - who may or may not still be among us.

And, 12 year olds, despite the fact that they think they're as smart and savvy as 20 year olds, just aren't.

The marketing to women space is clearly a big part of what marketers today are calling BT... behavioral targeting.

Within this focus on behavior, we have a myriad of women. And women's groups. Confusion abounds. After all, how do you market to "women" when "women" are so diverse? There are women who fit into the Mom mold and love it; women who were Moms (still are) but want to be recognized for other things, like their business accomplishments. There are women who are die-hard shoppers, online and off, and women who hate shopping.

How then, do you approach all of these women, while still keeping a focus on the internal group you really want to reach?

You use social media. You use blogs, your own, or this one. Or, this one. Or this one. Or, you get in touch with some of the women's blog networks and find that core group of women who have shown interest in your products and services.

Just DON'T market to women as if they are all in love with pink. Or, high heels. Or, Nike sneakers.

Yes, women influence more than 80% of all sales of goods and services within the U.S. (that percentage depends on who's stats you're using - any number of places are attempting to chart women's influence and so far, they all agree it's well over 80% but some say 85% some say 90%; take your pick), and women have more wealth than you think they have. Women are big into DIY, these days and are buying their own homes. Women, in general, are not taking a back seat to anyone, anymore.

Use social media to tap into the groups of women you need to be marketing to. Social media, whether a blog or a blog network or a major media site with same, will help you not only reach the women you need to reach, using it will enable you to discover what those women really think of you.

Social media and marketing to women online - that's how I spell success in 2008. So, get out there. Be sociable. The ladies are waiting...


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Great Article! There is so much power within a women. With Business and other women behind you success is inevitable. Great story!


Yvonne DiVita

Thanks, Lena. I get so frustrated with companies that lump all women together... and think they can get us to buy their stuff just because THEY think it's female-friendly.

The trust is more diverse, as we are. The more companies get with it and look at marketing to women as marketing to PEOPLE WHO MATTER, the more successful they'll be.

Lena West


This post was so well-written, simple and poignant. The instructions just don't get any more crystal than what you've said here. Bravissimo!

The underlying message to these companies is: DON'T ASSUME ANYTHING ABOUT ME. EVER. Engage me. Get to know me.

If you don't know, you better ask somebody. Hopefully, it will be me.

But, the minute you think I like pink, am a Mom, am married and am worried about squeezing into a size 6, is the day I walk straight out of your virtual marketing door.

Yvonne, thanks for keeping it real (as always)!


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