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What Do Women Want? A Tuesday Fit by Five

Wanted to share some updated "how to market to women" news and didn't have to go far to find it.

Let's look at a Tuesday Fit by Five on marketing to women using updated content found online:

One: Over at Mary Hunt's blog, In Women We Trust, her Sept. 02, 2007 post talks about Killer Couches. Ouch! Mary cites incidents of illness likely connected to our carpets. Her advice is to be aware of what's in the consumer goods you buy - and vote with your dollars to get "green" items in more stores. 

Two: Over at Moms Rising (discovered via Mary Hunt, thanks Mary!) there's a bit of chatter about breastfeeding. There...I used the B-word. Are you blushing? Well, stop it. Breast-feeding is one of the most natural things a woman can do. The outstanding writers over at Moms Rising are asking for YOUR breast-feeding story. (I wonder how much spam I'll get for sad.)Little_girls_funny_faces

Three: Good friend and fantastic Mom, Alyssa Dver, is working hard to help keep children safe. In addition to her wonderful Wander-Wear site and products, she also has The Center to Prevent Lost Children. Both sites are worth a visit, and an endorsement. 

Four: New marketing to women blogger (well, new to me) Tami Anderson has a recent post about the New Mommy Track. As she says, "Most companies still remain in the 9-5 structured world with no formal programs in place to retain talented mothers, who don't want to sacrifice family for career but have plenty of brainpower available for the employer who approaches the situation creatively." Tami has links to fascinating articles on The New Mommy Track, and a whole lot of other good content to read and absorb. I mean, if you want to market to women.

Five: Finally, are you ready for your vacation? Oh, stop it. I know this is the last of summer vacation... I'm talking about your REAL vacation. Whether you're a man or a woman, you should be thinking ahead ... and planning a retreat, or a cruise, or a weekend with your significant other. Something to reward yourself for -- surviving the summer? Whatever it is, this is the travel site you should be checking out. And not because Eileen is a client of ours - but because she's full of zest for life, and she'll go above and beyond to take care of you. Check out this Mancation... for Dads. Wow!

(of course taking care of Dads is marketing to women - we want our men happy!)

I could go on, but that's enough for now. This Fit by Five brought to you by Dave West.


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Mary Hunt

Thanks for the mention, Dave - I'll be forwarding your five to the Sustainable Furniture Council to underscore the increasing role that women's voices play in the market.

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