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Fun Works by Leslie Yerkes

Like many other bloggers, I get offered a lot of books to review. I'm always excited when the PR firm pitching me has taken time to read my blog. Golly, what a concept!

Let me admit here, and now, that MOST of the folks who pitch me DO KNOW who I am and what I write about. Sometimes, they actually refer to a post or some other part of the blog...which is really impressive.

A few months ago I was contacted and asked if I wanted to read Leslie Yerkes's (yes, it sounds like a Dr. Seuss character to me, too!) new book, Fun Works: Creating Places Where People Love to Work. I said, sure...without really knowing what I might be getting. Fast forwarding, the book came, I started reading and I was hooked. This is a great book all about companies who understand the concept of making the workplace a fun place to be. Fun_works_by_leslie_yerkes

Sybil Stershic over at Quality Service Marketing wrote about this book earlier this month, and her review is worth a look-see, also. She said Yerkes "lays the foundation for the 'fusion' of play and work." I like that. It's a good description of what the book does - and it helps to understand that you can have fun at work. Of course, Sybil is one to talk. She has a book coming out, from WME Books (my publishing company) titled Taking Care of the People Who Matter Most: A Guide to Employee-Customer Care, and she's all about making work a place your employees like to be. (pre-pub discount ends soon!)

Meanwhile, back to Leslie Yerkes (gosh I love her name!), I was immediately drawn to the parts in the book that invite pets into the workplace. This is a controversial topic with some folks - those who are not pet people - but for us pet lovers, taking your pet to work (generally a dog) is a fabulous idea!

Pick up a copy of this book and learn more about how to have fun at work. The idea is to create positive experiences at the one place people spend more time, than almost any other. It involves having a sense of humor, of relating to the employees and encouraging them to relate to you (can you say 'relationship building'?). The writing is casual but informative, inviting and funny, and full of great examples of companies that get it.

One of the best parts of the book are the quotations. This on in particular sticks with me:

"Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face." Victor Hugo


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Yvonne DiVita

Stephen, thanks for this acknowledgment. I'm so glad you stopped by and let the readers know you sent me Leslie's terrific book. It really is a must-read - partly for its information and insight, but also for 'fun'... I found it an easy read that left me wondering what I can do to make my office more fun to work in.

Stephen C

Yvonne, I pitched you the book and I'm grateful for your engaging it. But I'm the author's assistant and for me public relations and publicizing means wandering the paths which lead to advanced thinking and feeling about worklife and the, yes!, fun-work fusion.

However, I can't extend my stay in all the glorious locales I wander through. Darn.

Nevertheless I'm always on the lookout for synergistic hooks. Part of having fun at work is creating rich relationships and getting out of the nose-to-the-monitor syndrome. Still, I always keep in mind that there is a flesh-and-blood person behind a blog's musings as I personify the person behind the text on the screen.

I consider the big picture of, if you'll forgive me, 'feminine instigation,' in the workplace to be signal and following from Wheatley and Zuboff and others, and others such as yourself and Penelope Trunk, et al, to also be crucial for the support of humanization of, creativity in, the workplace.

Hmmm, keep doing what you're doing!

Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs: "Misbehave with integrity."

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