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Green, Green, Green... and Sexy, Too!

Yes, I know it's Wednesday, again. And, I'm writing my Gals Go Green post a day late. Oh well. That's what happens when you're busy.

Of course, regardless of whether I've written a Green Post or not, you know I'm thinking Green all the time. I remember to turn off lights (still have to buy some better lightbulbs...), I am careful with water, and I have canvas bags for grocery shopping. My next goal will be to start purchasing clothing that I know is "green"... Destiny_usa

I've been meaning to share a new blog, also. Our cover designer over at WME Books just started a blog on being green. She's very, very environmentally friendly and focused. Her blog is super, you should get over to it and visit: It's called Green-Sexy. Because, green is sexy. To the max! Way to go, Karin! Note her link to the Rochester Public Market. Now, there's a place Tom and I should visit more often.

I also want to give a shout out to Mary Hunt. Mary is working so hard on this issue... she's a real  committed enthusiast, and as such, has some relevant content on her blog re: climate change agents, that is worth reading. Especially note her comments on the 7 Point Pledge at The Alliance for Climate Protection.

And, who knew, but WalMart is going green! Big time! Mary has all the info... and when she shares the details, I'll share them here. Stay tuned.


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Yvonne DiVita

Sonya, that's good to hear. Can you be more specific? Which celebs? Are they blogging?


Green is also hip. So many celebs are making it a priority to protect out environment, it is definitely trendy to go green these days.

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