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Green, Green, My World is Green

I'm sick of it. That's all. Just sick of it.

What am I sick of? I'm sick of talking green and not doing it. I'm sick of trying to be green and managing to be lime but little else. This green stuff is not that hard.

Here's the problem - I bought canvas bags to use at the grocery store. And, we used them a few times but...then, we forgot to put them in the car and... we don't remember they're not in the car until we get to the store. So, I could buy a few more while there...and gradually build up my supply of canvas bags until I have enough to open my own shop - but I really don't want to do that. I want to remember to bring them, dag nabit!Gogreen

I'd be interested in how other women are managing the green issue.

Here's another story - while at the store the other day, Tom and I stopped in the lightbulb area and reached up to grab a couple of the good lightbulbs, the 'green' ones...but when I tried to find one that had 3-way, I was stymied. Now, when I'm reading in bed at night, I like my light way up high. I am not yet using "those" kinds of reading glasses, but I do need good light. Once I decide to put my book down, I usually turn the light to the low setting - because I am not ready to go to sleep. Turning the light off is certain to send me off to dreamland.

Does anyone know if compact flourescent light bulbs come in 3-way settings?

Okay, on to other green issues. How about gas? In the car. When you arrive at your destination, do you immediately turn your car off? Or, do you fiddle with the seat belt, gather your things together, put your sunglasses in the visor, and THEN turn your car off? How much gas does that waste, over a whole year? I'm thinking a whole lot...but I don't know for sure. Personally, I turn my car off as soon as it comes to a stop, and then I do all that other stuff.

Is that helping the environment or the ozone layer? Beats me. I just think it saves gas, much like making sure when you run errands that you chart your path properly and don't have to drive hither and yon to get your chores done. One stop following another...one straight line... and home. At least, that should be the goal.

Am I being crazy to contemplate these things? How do you do it?


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Mary Hunt

When I forgot my bags, I had them put everything back in the cart and then I put everything in the car. I only did that once and voila, I remembered my bags in the future.

Yvonne DiVita

This is really great information. Thank you, everyone. All of you have really helped me.

Mary... I will never buy bottled water again.

Lucy... those envelopes are a stickler. I agree with your "every little bit" approach.

May, that suggestion on making a pact with a friend is priceless! Thank you!

And, Lena, glad you aren't "idling" anymore. I can see how it's easy to do.

Lena L. West


I'm in alignment with May. My company - as well as personally - has decided to take it one step at a time, rather than turn into the star of the HGTV show, Living with Ed.

Here's a link to a 3-way CFB: http://www.shophometrends.com/product.asp?pn=201003&sid=GOOGLE&eid=GLI602?gclid=CNiP2LSluI8CFReQGgodV0hycg&bhcd2=1193804792

When I first thought about taking action, I wanted to get rid of all my old bulbs, but then I thought that might be adding to the waste so, as we use up all the old bulbs, we'll get the new "green" ones.

I'm also careful about where I spend my money. I am sure to make my dollars speak for me in doing business with companies that engage in sustainable business practices.

And, no I rarely idle the car now...that's one big change I've made because I was a serious "idle-er".



I think it's best to choose just ONE green action to focus on at a time. That way you can gradually change your lifestyle and not feel overly pressured or stressed out about it.

For starters, try putting a sign on your steering wheel or grocery list about bringing canvas bags with you.

My green actions right now involve alternative transportation (I don't own a car and never have), cutting bottled water and meat from my regular diet (because if everyone stopped eating meat it would do more for the planet than if everyone stopped driving their cars), eating organic and raw foods and just trying to use all of my consumer power for green, local, and sustainable products.

Something else that I think could possibly have a HUGE impact is if people started gently harrassing their employers about recycling and other green practicies.

Anyway, it's easier for me to be super green now that I'm working at an environmental non-profit. And I think having that support system/positive peer pressure has been the biggest help of anything. I'd suggest maybe making a pact with a friend or two about changing something once a month together. Maybe that would help?

Anyway, sorry for the quasi-rant. I hope some of this was helpful :)


I try. I recycle (mostly) but what bugs me are envelopes - which can't be recycled by my local council, apparently. Every piece of junk mail comes with two envelopes and sometimes some plastic wrap too ... So that's more rubbish.

The devout greens say to use that plastic wrap for sandwiches, but I reckon it's not food-grade wrap, and I'm not sending my children to school with nasty plastic wrap in their lunch. So that's more rubbish.

Yes, you can sign up for no junk mail - but mostly I want each of the catalogues that come, just not one every month. Twice a year would be fine - twelve is overkill. So that's more rubbish.

I try. And as you say, getting in the habit is hard - but I tell myself every little thing helps just a bit. I just need to do more little things. Every day.

Mary Schmidt

I keep my bags in the car...and then still forget them. But at least I do remember most of the time.

I've also sworn off bottled water. Most of it is recycled tap water anyway.

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