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It's Not Easy Being Green:
Tuesday's Going Green Post

Kermit the Frog had it right when he sang his famous song, "It's not easy being green." The song was moreKermit_the_frog  about his alienation from the "normal" creatures, than about the environment. But, I think his song can be repurposed today, to focus on working to improve the environment by buying "green" products, i.e. products that are friendly to the earth. As women, this is something we should think about and do something about, each and every day.

What does it really mean? Are women going green?

Well, over at Virtual Woman's Day Celebrations, there's a great post on Green Living Resources. The top women are mentioned, Mary and Diane, of course, but there are some other who bear witness to this growing movement. Tara Burner (All Green Directory), Brooke Nadell (Green Factoids), and Green Guide for Kids with Deidre Gill.

So, in a's about Mother Earth. It's about taking responsibility for Mother Earth. It's about women taking charge. And, if you aren't convinced we need to do this... let me share a short story. While watching the news today, our weatherman showed a picture of the Arctic circle from 28 years ago and it covered most of the top of the curve of the planet. Then, he showed a picture of the circle today...and at least half of the ice was gone. Melted. The pictures were from satellite images...they were real. And, they tell the story better than I ever could.   

It's up to us. Are you in?


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Susan L. Reid of Alkamae Blog

Green is a state of mind, not a color. How we care for ourselves is a reflection of how we care for Mother Earth. That's where I thing "going green" has it backwards . . . they are focused on the outer world with narry a nod to the the importance of first greening the inner world.

jen_chan, writer

It really isn't easy being green. We have gotten so comfortable with the way and the pace that we live our lives that giving certain things up seems impossible. Throughout the years, "development" has taken its toll on the environment.

Now, a new and better development is brewing. It's wonderful that people are starting to realize and are actually taking action to help revive Mother Earth.

Kudos to all the women who are going green.

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