Marketing to Women Online:
How Not To Do It
A Domain By Any Other Name...

Marketing to Women Online:
How Not To Do It Part II

Okay, here's the second half of my Marketing to Women Online don'ts... the Do's will come at a later date. I notice that no one caught my on my math... In yesterday's post I said I was revealing the first 5 points, and would reveal the second 5 points today... And I summarily went on to reveal SIX points yesterday. Which is why I am not allowed to balance the checkbook. Smiling_woman_at_computer

Let's move on to the final FOUR points on How NOT to market to women online...

4. Don't leave men out of your message when marketing to women online. Understand that women are eager to talk about the men in their lives... refer to # 7 which is more about how to do it than how not to. (Sometimes I'm tired when I write in this blog). Women are very concerned with health - our own and our families' health. Especially our man's health. And, we often like the same things: sports, monster trucks, and technology.

3. Don't get stale. Update, update, update. We ladies update our wardrobe several times a year. We update our make-up colors. We update our bookshelves. In short, if you can't offer new and exciting content (products and services), we're off to somewhere else. And make sure your web content is well-written. We like words and pictures together - and the words should be error free.

2. Don't ignore the opportunity to introduce us. Women are about connecting and building relationships - and we commune with each other daily. Today, we're doing this via our blogs. An area we're passionate about is cause marketing, which I'll talk about in the Do's of marketing to women online. If you don't have a way for us to connect with others, and especially with the 'real' people at your office, we're going to be suspicious about who you are and what you're really all about. (yes, that means a blog...)

1. And, the #1 thing NOT to do is this: don't make promises you can't or won't keep. This blog is all about STICKING your message. When that message is a sale or a bonus or a loyalty offer - it better be real. Real as in - a two for one sale means two for the price of one, it doesn't mean marking UP one so you can offer a two-fer. Lip-sticking means being open, honest, real, and authentic. Because we'll find out if you're not. And we'll talk. Man, will we talk! For instance, Blogher, the #1 women's group blog , is read by millions, daily. Content on Blogher packs a whollop!

Now that you know what NOT to do, I'll work on what TO DO. New what to do content, that isn't on the PDF in my sidebar. Stay tuned!


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Again these are great tips, I have been working hard to try and live by these types of guidelines but it gets tiring sometimes. Especially if you have more than one blog to keep up as I do. I love them all and have a passion for them but it is a lot of work!

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