The Grass Is Always Greener
Meet the Real Queens of Marketing To Women Online

This is how marketing to women online works

Women are creatures of habit. Although we all like surprises, from time to time, we also like to maintain a routine. Certainly Moms are wedded to a routine, in order to keep kids on a schedule and keep life sane. So, tried and true is often a good bet, when marketing to us. Appeal to our emotions and pull us in with pictures of babies and puppies.

But, we are also fun-loving gals who want more laughter in our lives. This marketing to women online post is all about that - about the fun of being a woman. If you take the time to read between the lines, you may learn something about marketing to us that will help you connect. Hint: make us laugh.Lizstrausssobblogger

Over at the SOB blog - Successful and Outstanding Bloggers - blog, Liz Strauss is hosting an all day party, on her blog. Now, if there's anyone on this planet who knows how to have a good time online, it's Liz. Her blog is so fun, and so fancy, and so female - it should be a daily read for all. This is her second year blogging and I think applause is in order. (cue the mic... can you hear the clapping, Liz?)

On this, her second anniversary, Liz is celebrating with all of her blogger friends. It's a share and share alike world and you're invited. THAT, my friends, is how women do it. With aplomb. With attention to other people. With laughter.

Lesson learned? Here's your final tip: follow the leader. Watch how women market to each other and to their larger network, and then... imitate. Isn't that the greatest form of flattery?

I'm off to Liz's blog to share some link love.


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Thanks for letting me know about that other blog, hopefully it will help me get my lipstick blog doing even better :) Love your blog too!

Liz Strauss

Holy Cow! and Wow!
Yep, if you're not having fun, you're just not doing it right -- that goes for just about everything I can think up.

Thank you Yvonne for the wonderful write up. This is a birthday gift extraordinaire. Come on over and drop a few links in the comment box. Celebrate your best success with us! That's what birthdays are for.

I really appreciate you. :)

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