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Tuesday's Green Post on Wednesday

The world of green is really heating up. Every time I pick up the newspaper, start reading a magazine, or turn on the news, stories with the word "green" in them catch my attention. I don't think it's merely because I'm more aware - I think it's because people are waking up to the importance of this issue. And none more than my gal pals.

Over at Ask Patty! this post on "Parking Meters Kick Out Cars to Go Green" has some legs to it. To quote, "Parking spaces scattered across US cities September 22, 2007 were occupied by potted trees, expanses of sod, and lawn furniture in an effort to transform asphalt into green space -- until the meter ran out." Hmmm... something we can all organize in our towns and cities, don't you think? Not much time left here in the East -- this unending summer vacation is scheduled to die this week. (thank goodness, say I)

Over at WEBCOR Builders we see "The Green Machine is all about Living Green" with an outstanding list of how to GoGreen at Home. This is part of their Women's Professional Cycling Team. The main message is reuse and recycle.Morgan_fisher_wet_woman

Uncovered this video series at on 50 Ways to Go Green that has more inspiring ideas. We've adopted the "BYOB" - bring your own bag - idea. We keep canvas bags in our car for grocery shopping. I am sooooooo sick of those plastic bags!  Well worth a visit.

Last but not least, couldn't resist sharing this pic of Morgan Fisher, Wet Woman from a BusinessWeek article. Her company, Women WaterSports, is all about green - non toxic, 100% biodegradable surfing products. How kewl is that?

Are you greening your life?


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Yep, I am. Many of my handmade creatures are made from recycled clothing.


I think that celebrities that use their status to promote "greeness" is great, for them publicity-wise and for the world.

Jody DeVere

Yvonne...great post thanks for including the reference to!

YOU and the Lip Sticking blog are awesome!

Jody DeVere

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