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Going Green with Real Estate and the WWF

I guess my Gals Go Green on Tuesdays is changing to Gals Go Green on Wednesday. That's just how it happens, folks. Here are this week's green links and advice:

First, from MarketWatch, on November 5th, I learned that "Seventy-eight percent of registered voters polled last month in a survey commissioned by the National Association of Home Builders said they'd be more inclined to purchase a home with environmentally friendly features if the government offered incentives or rebates. Among those who said they'd be willing to pay more for a green home, 74% said they'd be willing to pay no more than an extra 10%."

And, from a more recent article I learned that "Convincing a group of neighbors to agree on anything is rarely easy. But in a growing number of communities in the U.S. over the past year neighbors have proven fairly persuasive at influencing dozens of their peers to spend $25,000 or more on a rooftop solar system. It started in Portola Valley, Calif., a sunny community 35 miles south of San Francisco. In December, 78 of the town's 1,700 homes decided to pool their purchasing power and call in a large order for residential solar systems."Worldwildlifefundgoesgreen

Just a month ago my October 15th edition of eWeek contained a terrific article on the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) going green. Of course, the focus was on technology but I was duly impressed to learn that "WWF is purchasing computers and network printers that are energy-efficient." Kewl.

And, "IT gives instruction and guidance to staff for using power management setting for WWF and home computers to cut energy consumption." Very kewl. To whit the article opens with this statement (we should only all be able to say this):

"The World Wildlife Fund's mission is the conservation of nature. In addition to protecting natural areas and wild populations of plants and animals, the WWF is promoting sustainable approaches to the use of renewable natural resources and the efficient use of energy."



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