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First of all, thanks go to all the women who wrote to help me with my dilemma last week. Hugs to all. Ecofriendlyfromtemescalfarmersmarke

Now, I've discovered a whole new world of green out there, and it deserves to be highlighted. Last Sunday's USA Today had a great article on teaching kids to be green. Here are a few of the ideas they shared:

BRING YOUR KIDS TO THE FARMERS MARKET. This gives them insight into earth-friendly products and how they're grown.


There are more, of course. The best one, I think is, "MAKE GARDENING A FAMILY ACTIVITY." Wish I'd done that with my kids.

Wait...there's more green to come.

Notes from the Digital Frontier, a really great blog written by a number of college students as part of MediaPost, has this note from Amanda, "Gore is not alone," where she says that "Media companies are spending big bucks on their eco-friendly campaigns - making informed decisions about who you are buying from will show these campaigns can return on investment and will make this message sustainable."

Sounds like she's reading from the same green manual we are!

In a comment on Amanda's blog post, I found another really great green site: Shaping Youth, where this post is a must-see, "Eco-friendly Electronics: Go Green With Your Wired World." Who woulda thunk it? I mean, electronics are just that - electronic. Apparently, you can be green about that too! How kewl is that? Thanks go to Amy Jussel, founder of Shaping Youth.

Now, it's your turn. What did you discover that new and green, this week?


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I like this article its Very informative and useful for all of us.
Really the kids most know this thing. Keep it up.
I would like to share one more article which is based on "Go Green Kids". So check on this link

Shaping Youth

Glad you found Shaping Youth, I just did a 'link update' on our 'green posts' based on the newest one I wrote about eco-kids needing a place to put their green scene enthusiasm...(e.g. my daughter is livid that the S.F. Oil spill situation didn't allow 'under 18s' to help with the wildlife, even though she's trained, so we had to find other ways to be part of the planet patrol...

Here's the piece, about how 'bad' events can prompt 'good' actions (altruism & activism in kids)

Right now I'm working on a piece about Green Teens/specifically Teens for Safe Cosmetics...

And speaking of 'lipsticking' (literally) The Environmental Working Group has a cosmetic safety database where you pop in your brand/product and it tells you how toxic it is! You'll love this...I'm telling all the women/girls I's amazing!

p.s. Oh, and thanks for stopping by, keep in touch!

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