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When Skin Deep is Too Deep

Kudos to Amy at Shaping Youth who commented on last week's Green Post, and also included some valuable information.

First. she wrote about her daughter wanting to help oil-soaked wildlife and being told she was too young to join the sea of goodwill. Why is 12 too young, especially if her Mom is supporting her eco-efforts? Hey, wait a minute... how old are those kids on that new reality show, Kid Nation? I heard their parents had to sign off on the fact that they could be injured or even killed... is the government not worried about THAT? Anyway, as Amy says, Oil_soaked_seagull

Truth is, as a trained wildlife rehab/SPCA volunteer, I’m the ‘point person’ for the neighborhood when wayward waterfowl have flown into power lines, been ravaged by raccoons, or are found soiled, injured, abandoned or troubled, so she somehow expects me to ‘know these things.’

Guess it’s no surprise my daughter is equally zealous and protective of ‘all things eco,’ from animals to the environment…But egad…

Another area Amy turned my attention to is this site for "green" cosmetics, or at least, investigation into what's in the stuff you put on your face. As it says on the homepage of SKIN DEEP, "Due to gaping loopholes in federal law, companies can put virtually any ingredient into personal care products. Even worse, the government does not require pre-market safety tests for any of them."

The site has links to Makeup, Skin care, hair care, eye care, nail care, baby care, oral care, and fragrance. And, a place to add your cosmetic, if the company you buy from is not in their database yet. I didn't have a chance to do a thorough search or investigation on the site and what's in its database, but I approve of the approach.

Maybe one of YOU, dear readers, could take that task on and come back with comments?   


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Thanks for the posts. Your site has a lot of helpful information. :)

Anita Danger

Skin Deep is a site to go to when you have a lot of extra time. I was blown away with the information I found on some of the cosmetics I use. There are a lot of nasty things out there, I may be over reacting, but it is kind of scary when you read how some of the beloved products we use, can really hurt you. There is a great FAQ area, information on who to contact if you have had problems with a certain product. It also talks about animal testing, against it? You need to read about it in the FAQ area, it has some good information. If you can’t find a product you can add a product for them to research. This is a very impressive site and explains about everything from sun screen to natural (organic) products and how some can be harmful.

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