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Looks like we're ending the year right. I'm discovering more and more websites and blogs about "going green." There is even "green" buzz everywhere I go. It's encouraging, don't you think?

Here are the newest places (and one sustainable one) I've found that are tracking, talking, or totally committed to green...in all the right places, for all the right reasons.

1. Found this site, The Daily Green, in an article in one of my marketing magazines. To quote, "The web just got a little greener. In November, New York's Hearst Magazines Digital Media launched TheDailyGreen.com, a Web portal for those who want to live more eco-friendly lifestyles." They claim they're the first to do this - and I'm not one to argue with them. But, their "first" is still lagging behind all the other "firsts" on the web... like,

2. Mary Hunt, whose blog is a stellar example of how to get the word out, is big into Word of Mouth, the one and only true success in the world of marketing. Her blog, In Women We Trust, shouts green, in more ways than one. Take a look...and notice the widget on the top left...for The Big Green Purse. You can get one for your blog... you'll see it on this blog come 2008.

3. Sustainable is a big buzz term in the going green world. That's key - being sustainable... This blog, Sustainable Marketing talks a good talk, although I am disappointed that they do not seem to be posting very often. Well, we'll cut them some slack. They have outstanding content and offer key insight.

4. Marketing Green has a good article on the ho-hum quality of green, and how it's not going away, regardless of its decline into "boring green conversation." My quote.

Here's a real quote from the Marketing Green site, "So far, this holiday season has seen a rather muted push on green by retailers, both in terms of the products they sell and the messages they communicate to consumers.  Marshal Cohen, Chief Industry Analyst at NPD Group, recently suggested that such lack of enthusiasm by retailers reflects waning interest in green.  Cohen stated: “It’s basically a card that a lot of peopleBulging_mailbox_full_of_junk  played while it was hot and trendy…and it got overplayed.”

5. Now, check out The Lazy Environmentalist...and really get green! This site has the images to go with the text. There is nothing like a picture to bring home the truth. Even in our digitally enhanced world, a picture is worth...a thousand words.

This one is borrowed from The Lazy Environmentalist... it speaks volumes, doesn't it?


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Actually, I think The Daily Green is doing a great job of reaching out to a mass audience with approachable content that's not too granola or too pie-in-the-sky ($$$) green. They give great ideas for those of us that want to take it one step at a time or are looking to save some money while going green, whether its for buying organics or looking for an easy tip to follow. The news is relevant and timely too.

Shaping Youth

Hi Yvonne, thanks for the 'daily green' tip...here are a couple 'back atcha' if you haven't seen 'em yet:


---very cool, referred to me by Lauren McCue at My Space (Dir. of channels like Our Planet)

Also, I'm sure you've seen this one on the shopping/consumer green front?

HNY! Keep it green...best, Amy

C.B. Whittemore

Yvonne, I love how you draw attention to this ohhh so important subject. Your mailbox image absolutely captures the opportunities ahead. Happy 2008 to you and thank you for the link and the resources.

Yvonne DiVita

Thanks, Brad. Always great to have more resources.

Brad Shorr

Great list! I'd also like to suggest www.sustainableisgood.com. I do some guest writing - it mainly covers issues relating to sustainable packaging.


I am really excited to see all the 'green' stuff being talked about these days. You've got some good links here.

Mary Hunt

Yvonne - I do feel the pain of a Christmas season gone south. I'm hoping that the lack of green in the stores this year was their attempt to clear out old brown inventory to make way for greener pastures. I'm betting you'll see different offerings in 2008.

I can highly recommend The Lazy Environmentalist, Josh speaks to that portion of the population who want to "ease" into green.

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