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Happy Holiday Networking

If you aren't aware of Diane K. Danielson and Lindsey Pollak will be. And, you should be. These two women are on the fast track to major success. Honestly, it's hard to keep up with them!Savvy_gals_guide_to_online_networki

Here's the scoop... Diane is the founder of DWC: Downtown Women's Club where the motto is: It's an Attitude, not a location. Attached to the DWC is the WOMEN'S DISH with Diane & Friends.

I met, virtually at least, Diane via Lena, my Monday guest blogger. And, because of Lena, and Diane, I now know Lindsey who blogs here. (Hey, Lindsey, have you visited the Graduate School of Business at the Simon School's blog?)

Now, this post isn't about Diane and Lindsey, per se. It's about this great book they wrote, which I found through...who else, Lena! The book is The Savvy Gal's Guide to Online Networking (or what would jane austen do?) And, it's

Here's the dish - it's fun, it's informative, and you can read it in one sitting. The book takes the confusion out of online networking using "Wendy" - a "thoroughly modern executive, whose diary... oh, excuse" is the basis of the book. Wendy shares email tips and tactics, and why "you need to pay attention to social networking sites," and more. There's a lot of fun between the covers of this that will have you laughing while you learn.

Pick up your copy and share with co-workers, with your Mom, with your sister, and just with everyone. Don't forget to look for Lena...she's in the book, too!


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Yvonne DiVita

Thanks, Lindsey. I'll connect with them, too. I know they will want to know about you and your blog.

Lindsey Pollak

Yvonne - thanks so much for the post! I will check out the Simon School blog for sure. Looking forward to networking online with you!


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