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Marketing Secrets: Why Didn't I Think of That?

Ever have one of those moments while reading a book, or visiting a blog, that you slap yourself upside the head and think, "Now, why didn't I think of that?"

I had one this morning. But, let me explain.

My good friend Anita Campbell, whose Small Business Trends blog is one you should be reading on a daily basis, asked me to share my best marketing secret with her, as she was creating a blog post about that topic. Now, not only is this an outstanding idea (get a group of marketers to share their best ideas - and then post them on your blog), it's a win-win for all involved. Womentalkingsecretly

Here's how: Anita gets excellent content in the form of "my best marketing secret is..." to post on her blog. The readers who visit her blog learn important marketing lessons from established marketers. And, we marketers who contribute get noticed by Anita's readers, by search engines, and maybe by some major media professionals by virtue of being in such good company. (i.e. Seth Godin, Jackie Huba, Toby Bloomberg, Scott Ginsberg, Brian Moran, John Jantsch, Guy Kawasaki, and so many more; my personal favorite is Jennifer Laycock from Search Engine Guide.)

So, today, I'm inviting you - encouraging you - requesting - that you hop over to Anita's  post, Top Experts Dish with their Best Kept Marketing Secrets and learn more in one day than you could learn in a lifetime of conferences or seminars. From some really talented marketers, and, from Anita, herself. Don't forget to share your secrets, too. Here or on Anita's blog. We're all ears...and eyeballs.

And, I have no doubt you'll smack yourself up-side the head and grumble, "Why didn't I think of that?"


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