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Everyone loves a fairy tale. Don't you think? We've all grown up on Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and more (shall we include the every popular Shrek? Yes, let's). Fairy tales allow us to live in fantasy and escape the world of the 5 o'clock news. I think there's something to be learned from the world of fairy tales. Something we marketers might use creatively in this too-busy world of blogging, wikis, twitter, and political campaigns that last a lifetime.

Fairy tales all have happy endings. Certainly the ones we western civilization folks read to our children have happy endings. I won't get into the real endings of stories like Hansel and Gretel and Cinderella - you can do some research and read the truth on your own.

Instead, I'm wondering if marketers might not tap into the tapestry, the moral of the story, the beauty and the emotion of fairy tales, when creating their marketing plans this year. Certainly women are drawn to fairytales - we embrace the chance to drift of into dreamland, to a world of knights in shining armour, of princes who rescue princesses and of happy endings. Don't get me wrong - we're well aware of the fantasy aspect of fairy tales. They're made up stories - not true stories. The people in them are one-dimensional (either you're a good guy or you're a bad guy, there is no in-between).

But, beneath the pretend actions and personalities exists a world of play that relies on wit and intelligence, on overcoming obstacles, including witches and ogres. It's a world of our own creation. A world that works the way we'd like this world to work - in our favor.Flightsoffancyflowers

Why not create your own fairy tale? A fairy tale with a purpose, a moral, a present (the prettily wrapped kind), a sunlit meadow full of sunflowers? Why not bring your women customers into that world with a focus on getting them emotionally involved in the story - a story they can share with others? Why not be originial in your marketing by writing the first 21st century fairy tale - leaving Shrek behind - full of expectation, drama, and happyness (ala Will Smith.)

Why not step out of the ordinary and be original? Leave the marketing speak behind. Forget the "free this and free that." Give women what they of fancy that remind them of their childhodd and appeal to their heart. I double-dog dare you to try.


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