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Calling ALL Women
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In the most powerful marketing to women online method ever, I'm using Lip-sticking today to help raise funds for women entrepreneurs. As a member of many wonderful women's online orgs, like the Downtown Women's Club, and Women TIES, and Count Me In, I really believe online venues are a successful way to raise money. Precisely because you can donate small amounts - $5 or $10 - and still make a BIG difference. See note below from Nell Marino.

Nely Galan, an Apprentice participant, is appearing on the Today Show on Friday, to present her personal donation of $25,000 to Count Me In, plus the contributions from our community of women who are investing in the success of other women in business. [you are one, right? or, you know one, right? or, you want to be one, right?]

As many of you know, Nely Galan has been competing on The Celebrity Apprentice to raise money for Count Me In. The women’s team is not winning. “But,” as Nely said at Count Me In's Los Angeles event last week, “sometimes when you win you lose, and when you lose you win.”

In response to criticism from “Mr. Trump” that the women’s strategies aren’t as effective as the men’s, Nely is changing the rules and focusing on what she really wants to win: $250,000 for her charity, Count Me In.Nely_galancountmein 

Nely is leading the charge to independently raise a quarter-million dollars for Count Me In to provide deeper education, greater financing, more coaching and stronger community to women entrepreneurs in our nation-wide movement.

I invite every reader of this blog to join in this effort by making a donation $10 or more by midnight on Thursday, February 7th. Tune in to the Celebrity Apprentice on NBC tonight to watch Nely and the women’s team face another task from the Board Room, and then tune in to the Today Show on Friday morning for an announcement of how much has been raised. This is a unique opportunity for women to demonstrate the power we have to help other women win in the world of business. Take on this challenge. YOU or someone you know, may be the ultimate winner, in the end.

To participate, please go to www.countmein.org/apprentice and click on “Contribute”.


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I remember when Count Me In started, and thinking "I'll need them someday". I don't care The Apprentice at all-and I'm working hard at making my business a success which leave little time for TV. But I'm glad to have been able to help and have chosen to contribute monthly also.

Yvonne DiVita

Mary, we are so on the same page! I am not an Apprentice fan, but... to help other gals, I did contribute to this cause.

Mary Schmidt

Good for her that's she's using the system (and turning it on its badly coiffed, comb-over head). But, I just cannot bring myself to watch Celebrity Apprentice.

I will however check out the web site. Thanks for the tip!

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