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Ah, so much to talk about and so little space.

First, allow me, if you will, a little bragging rights - I've just started contributing to Adotas,a "premier publication focused on the online advertising and media industry." You can read my first post, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Web 2.0" at this link, if you like. I'll be contributing on a regular basis. Hope you'll tune in.Alltopscreenshot

And, there is a whole lot of great stuff going on in the social media world, that is clearly part of the marketing to women landscape. First, Guy Kawasaki has taken an idea I had two years ago and created something he calls Alltop. It's a really great place to get all of your feeds and business info on one page...with links to current articles. It just works, folks.

For women - this is a huge time saver. My thanks to Guy for including this blog, although...I seem to have dropped off the homepage. [oops, Guy is really fast...I was introduced to the site a day or two ago and it was just one page,'s grown substantially, with really great categories, and Lip-sticking is still there in Small biz. Kewl!] Doncha hate it when someone runs with YOUR idea? Kudos to Guy.

Third, my good BB Paul Chaney shared this with us earlier today: New Web Site Helps Advertising and Marketing Professionals Create Additional Revenue Sources via the Web. Gotta LOVE the name,

" was designed specifically with our creative agency partners in mind. In the spirit of fostering good partnerships with a valued component of our user base, we felt it was important to give agencies access to information that would help them generate more revenue, increase profits and increase client loyalty, using the Web as their powerbase," said Bizzuka CEO, John Munsell. "Considering that agencies, in order to compete in today's marketplace, must step beyond the creative and become proficient in specialized new technologies such as Web Content Management, Search Engine Optimization, Internet marketing, E-mail marketing, video streaming, podcasting and more, we wanted a site that provided instant access to any information they might need along those lines."

I've only had time to glance at it today, but it looks powerful. I'm eager to get into it and explore. Your input is welcomed...what do you think?

How does all this relate to marketing to women online? Well, we're all about simplicity and saving time, ala Alltop, and we're all about content management, ala BizzukaPartners. If you want to reach us successfully, these are good vehicles to explore.



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Love your blog, Yvonne! So much pertinent information, and great links.

On the time-saving front, women whose businesses are collecting leads through web forms could really benefit from a technology which offers sales teams the ability to immediately call back the people who have just expressed interest in their product or service. I have found this to be a valuable tool, increasing productivity exponentially. Just thought I'd share...

Keep up the great work!

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