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Rather than do a 2007 Top 10, even though I know they're popular, I think I'll just showcase a few books I'm currently reading, or have just finished reading. Some are good...and worth your time. Others...not necessarily. Of course, what follows is just my humble opinion.

Okay... I read most of Made to Stick. Good book, but the blog is better. I couldn't quite finish it, though. It got...not boring, but...redundant, Sethgodinmeatballsundaetowards the middle. I mean, I felt like I'd heard it before. More than once. Maybe I was just too tired and by the time I picked it up again, it just didn't do anything for me. I'd read numerous great reviews about it, even had it recommended by a good friend...but, I failed to actually finish it. I suspect it's one of those books I'll pick up on a summer weekend, get back into, and kick myself for taking so long to finish it. Meanwhile, I know I can connect to a number of resources online that talk about it, and its topic (how to create messages that stick). And, I think the authors are truly outstanding. I'd pay money to hear them speak, in a hearbeat.

Of course, I read The Dip (Seth Godin) months ago, and I really loved it. Godin has a way of writing that creates a voice in your head - so you feel like you're in the room with him and he's actually talking to you. If you haven't read The Dip, get to it. Then, move on to his newest, Meatball Sundae. If you read it and report on it, maybe I won't have to. (but, I will...eventually; sometimes Seth Godin annoys me because he's so good at what he does - is that green-eyed jealousy, or what?)

Here's a book I don't recommend: The Key by Joe Vitale. I'm not one of those "The Secret" fans (he was a contributor of that book). I find books like that insulting. As if we can control our lives just by thinking good thoughts. As if we minor humans can turn the Universe with our meager good works. In The Key, Joe advises we thank the Universe (Or God, or Buddha, or whatever supreme being you worship, if you worship one) on a daily basis, and good things will (may) happen. He has several little exercises you can do to influence your greatness in the Universe - but, again, I find it all very sad. I can see certain friends and relatives buying the book, and when they don't reap the rewards Joe seems to promise, blaming themselves.

Sure, I believe in Positive Mental Attitude-ing, and all that. I believe your life is what you make of it. But, I don't believe you can influence it by tapping on your arm, or thanking the Universe, or even by fiercely believing in the goodness of all. I believe there has to be action. And interaction. And consequences. Anyway, Joe might work for you. Try it out and see. Doesn't work for me. (reminds me of people conducting seances... if there is just ONE non-believer in the room, well, by golly, it just won't work!).

The next to last book I'll mention today is a new book that just arrived. It's in proof form (it's not due out till May) and it's called, Seducing the Boys Club. All I'll say for now, since I just started it, is... I hate a lot of it. And I love a lot of it. The message (how women can compete with that old boys club) is a good one. The author, Nina DiSesa, has more experience doing so than I... it's just that... I'm not fond of her writing style. 'nough said. I'll do a full review soon.

After I complete Nina's book, I'm going to dive into The 7 Secrets of happy and successful Life Directors by Sandra Heinzelmann. I really enjoy Sandra's blog. Her attitude, while similar to Joe Vitale's, is more educational and helpful. Though I've only glanced through her book, the parts I have read speak to me... they don't alienate me, as Joe's did. I'm looking forward to this book.

Now, I'm off for a nap. It's a weekend. Women like some down time on the weekends. Sometimes to spend with family or friends. Sometimes just to be alone. Nitey-nite!


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Even the name "Seducing the Boys Club" is insulting to me; here's to hoping that there is serious content in the book about how to show up in a male dominated industry and thrive without being marginalized as a sex kitten, meek secretary or dreaded *itch.

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