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The marketing to women world just gets bigger every day. I must get contacted by half a dozen PR firms, on a daily basis (and that's small compared to bigger M2W sites I know) wanting me to hawk their client's book, website, new tool, whathaveyou. I share some, and not others.

Today, I'm going to share some articles online that give some insight into the marketing to women online purpose: and that is to help you understand how women think, the better to learn how to market to them successfully. I'll share books, software, websites and that stuff in another post, on another day.

Here's an article out of the UK, discussing the ads that "will be" at the Oscars. "Oscar ads prove that women finally are in the driver's seat." Reporter Jennifer Wells from the Globe and Mail states, rightly so, that the Oscars are for women what the Superbowl is for men. Her article came out before the Oscars, but she did reveal two ads that would be in play. One, for Cadillac, featuring Kate Walsh, was not new. Not a 'new' ad, I mean. It's been out there - and I can see it's appeal to women. I far prefer the one where the same model pulls up next to the "boys club," "In one of these."

As far as I can tell, Cadillac did the two similar commercials, with different taglines, to appeal to both the younger generation women and the baby boomers. They did it right.

Now, over at Rent to Own, this article on Marketing to Women is truly interesting. Now, who would have thought the Rent to Own folks would care about women? It makes sense, of course, but... to be actively talking about it and writing about it - you have to give them kudosBusinesswomen_in_a_meeting .

The opening sentence rocked my world, "If you are losing your market share or not meeting sales projections, chances are you aren't relevant to the most important sex." (the author's website is decidely not female friendly : too flashy, but... he knows what he's talking about in the article, so we will forgive him; sorry Ross.)

Here are some of the great points he makes...


"Women Complain For a Reason - Research indicates that of 1,000 random complaints, more than 80 percent were written and registered by women." He doesn't cite what research, though. I believe him because I'm one of those women. However, I also know a lot of women that just go away and don't come back.

"Women Started Viral Marketing - Not only do women tend to complain about the perpetrator, but they also tell everyone else about the experience." Hmmm...who else tells you that? Ross cites Faith Popcorn, a lady who has been touting the women's experience far longer than I. Remember - telephone, telegraph, tell-a-woman, are all great ways to get the message moving.

His advice is rock-and-roll ready. Are you listening? Here are two points that should be apparent to you, by now...

"Be emotional - If you sell a product, write emotional content that speaks to her heart and reasons for her to own what you sell." He doesn't say that women are always on the lookout for 'stuff' for friends and family. But, they are. She's never just shopping for herself.

"Don't try to suck up to women - Don't pander to women or try to exploit the obvious media stereotypes." By which he means, not all women think alike. Not all women are Soccer Moms, not all women are even Moms. LEARN about your women customers - and give them what they want!


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