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Green Standards, Oprah, Mary Hunt, and You

I have to give high Kudos to Mary Hunt, author of In Women We Trust. Mary is a true supporter of other women, but she goes far beyond that to give her passion and energy to the environment. Since publishing her book, Mary has been unswervingly involved in getting green standards for the world to use. Standards that will help all of us be "green" and understand the whole "green" process. [truth in reporting: I am Mary's publisher.]Dianemaceachernbiggreenpursebookcov

It's really not that hard to adopt standards and get your head around being "green." Just look at Diane MacEachern's site, Big Green Purse, and buy her book... the options are there. We just need to see them and take advantage of them.

Back in February Mary actually wrote a blog post on her In Women We Trust blog - calling on Oprah to join the fight. (yes, this is a fight - it's a war - it's us:people, against them: retailers; we're hoping to save the planet and its people; they're just trying to sell products, regardless of how those products affect the environment). Now, I'm not saying Oprah is one of "them"... even though she does have that so popular Favorite Things show which sells a lot of product. On the contrary, I suspect that Oprah is aware of this problem, has likely given it thought, but is not yet sure what to do about it. I surely hope she and her producers aren't thinking this topic is too tame, or too off topic to spend an hour on.

Here's what Mary said, in her post:

"I have a big favor to ask you Oprah, since you are culture and culture is you, could you do us all a favor and have a show dedicated to Sustainable Standards? We need a big name consumer champion to keep Wal Mart and other big box stores on track. Educate your world of women and you can single handedly set off a market transformation. Don't talk about green, talk about products and processes that can prove they don't put dioxins in our air, or chemicals into our children and most of all CO2 in the atmosphere. The White House doesn't control the world of consumer consumption - YOU DO.

Here's my wish list line up:

  • EcoMom Alliance (they are probably already on Oprah's radar after the NY Times article)
  • Big Green Purse (Diane MacEachern's scientific and pragmatic approach to shifting buying dollars from pollution to solution - the book and the site)
  • Annie Leonard (her Story of Stuff explains the problem in everyday language)
  • Mike Italiano (SMaRT the solution)  (Sustainable Material Rating Technology, it takes away the problem by providing a standard that is ethical, accountable and greenwash free. Consumers want truth and investors need quanitfied proof.

That's a show in itself right there. Will Oprah do it? It's a VERY scary move for  her economically if she did. She's in the same place the big chains are in, she's a promoter of goods and has to make a living while promoting the very things that cause her female viewers problems. That's not good, but I believe in Oprah. More than not wanting to break her brand, she understands that you either "stand for something or stand for nothing." She keeps saying how she doesn't need the money. This one move would prove that beyond a doubt and set off a tipping point for social change like the world has never seen."

So far, I don't see any response from Oprah. But, maybe Oprah won't respond until enough of us, the ladies behind this movement, the women who should ALL be behind Mary Hunt and Sustainable Life Media , clamor for more attention.

I don't hear you... let's turn up the volume! SHOUT IT OUT! LOUDER, PLEASE!



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