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Link Love In Pink and Mauve for Easter

It's Easter. I know few folks are actually online checking blogs (although Twitter is abuzz, as usual). But, I thought I'd share some link love, for folks who are cruising the net.Gewlogo

First, you must check out this new site and its focus: Global Entrepreneurship Week. This is for our youth. This is for us. This is for mother earth and father sky. This is a must, must not only visit but participate in... Unleashing Ideas.

"Global Entrepreneurship Week will be occurring this year between November 17th and 23rd. The Week is a celebration of innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity that will bring together millions of young people across the globe through online and local activities."

This is somewhat "old" news from Working Mother Magazine, but it's worthy of note so here goes:

"Every day women around the country launch thriving businesses based upon what they know are the critical needs and practical solutions. Working Mother magazine's 2008 Best Women-Owned Companies and Top Entrepreneur Moms go a step further. These business leaders know how to successfully manage a business and at the same time champion family-friendly policies and the advancement of female employees.

"According to a recent American Express/Count Me In survey, 65 percent of female entrepreneurs building million-dollar businesses are also mothers. These working moms know the importance of keeping not only their employees happy, but their employee's families as well."

There's no other way to say it except: Moms Rock!

Which leads me to a recent post over at Marketing Roadmaps, by Susan Getgood. The post is titled, Camp Baby Blogstorm. (BTW, Susan and I will both be speaking at Blogher Business in NYC, April 3-4th - meet up with us if you're around) Susan gets it right in this post calling Johnson & Johnson out for a blogger outreach that caused some consternation among the Moms who were invited to an event, and then... uninvited! Hop over and read Susan's take... she does her research and presents both sides, which not a lot of bloggers do. So, in the end, why was J&J just so ... can't help myself... stupid???

Moving right along...

New blogs worth visiting:

Mc Think Tank: "We are on a simple mission," they say. "It is to facilitate democracy in marketing, democracy of the press. This will be our grass roots, one-blog effort to offer the means for small business to be heard in a marketing environment that is increasingly autocratic and expensive." They are open to guest bloggers... check'em out.

Marketing Interactions is a dynamite blog with content not found on many other blogs. I like the way Ardath writes and the focus she brings to marketing. She has an e-book worth downloading, so get over there and discover The 5 Catch Factors. (I'm not giving'em away... you have to go get'em yourself.)

Last, but certainly not least, is this brand new blog by Kathy Frost, in honor of those of us who are caring for aged parents. I expect there are some other blogs similar to this one, but Kathy really goes the limit in offering advice and true life experiences. It's high time we folks who are struggling with this enormous issue, connect and talk things over. Senior living centers and assisted living facilities should be joining in this conversation. High Kudos to Kathy for writing When Parents Need Caregivers.

No post tomorrow: Happy Easter!


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Tanya Middleton

Great blog! It's wonderful to see women supporting other women when it comes to entrepreneurial relationships. I will surely check out McThink Tank and Marketing Interactions. If youre interested in learning more about women in business, I have a great recommendation.I actually work with Microsoft, and right now I’m really excited to spread the word about the “Vision to Venture” tour they’re having between April and May, which will consist of five live events. Susan Solovic, the best-selling author and CEO of SBTV.com, will be giving the keynote speech-“Girls Guide to Building a Million Dollar Business”-geared toward women entrepreneurs like yourself. You can see more and register at http://smallbusiness.officelive.com/v2v/ so let me know what you think! And if you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them 

Account Deleted

Thanks for the mention Yvonne. I'll be following up on Camp Baby after the event, so stay tuned.

See you soon.

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