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My, my...where does the time go? I was informed by Feedblitz this week that someone had unsubscribed from my blog because I updated too often. That was surprising. I've been feeling mighty guilty for NOT updating as often as I used to.

As Lena says, however, it's isn't how often you update, it's what you write.

Since I'm time constrained today, I'll keep this short. Or, at least attempt to keep it short.

eMarketer recently sent me a notice that said, "Men, You're Outnumbered Online." Of course, that isn't news but their numbers were impressive. Let me share:

Senior Analyst, Debra Aho Williamson, said, "The US Internet population remains firmly skewed toward females. In 2008, 100.4 million females and 93.5 million males will go online atWomentalkingsecretly least once a month..."

So, who's reading your blog, visiting your website, contemplating your products and services?

It's a girl. Or, her Mom. 

Women are truly making strides. There are more women's communities than I can keep track of, there are more PR pitches hitting my inbox relating to women and women's products, and I hear from more and more women who aren't afraid to blog on about things they would never have talked about in days of yore.

What does it mean? It means women are standing up to be counted.

Case in point... just heard from my favorite car gal, Jody Devere over at Ask Patty! that Zig Ziglar, yes, THE "you can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want" guy...is now partnered with Ask Patty! to Help Auto Dealers Build Relationships with Women.

According to the press release: "Women are the fastest growing and most influential segment of the car buying market for both sales and service. AskPatty.com offers a turn-key sales and marketing certification program to help dealerships build relationships with female automotive consumers. Specifically, the program helps dealership employees improve communication and sales skills, and increase loyalty and retention of female customers."

Blog on, ladies. Even car salesmen are hopping on board.


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Jody DeVere

Thanks for the nice kudo's and links go here to learn more www.certifiedfemalefriendly.com our interactive training portal for automotive retailers, car dealerships and more!

Jody DeVere
President - Ask Patty, Inc.

Yvonne DiVita

M.D. thanks for your uplifting comment. And for tuning in, day after day. I'll try not to disappoint.

Lena, I compare it to the magazine market. There are so many magazines (and many that have recently gone under), many hoping to reach the same markets.

Those who provide value and good content will survive. Others will just fade away.

I also think some smaller ones will persevere simply because the members will be more connected. Smaller communities means getting to know each other better. Larger communities might have really specific, useful content, but the members have to form individual groups to actually be more than just acquaintances.

At least, that's MHO.

Lena L. West


I too think there are a LOT of online communities geared at women springing up - which is good an then...manybe...not so good.

The thing I wonder about is saturation. I mean how many communities actually be supported with traffic and solid content?

The answer may be 10,000...I don't know, but it's a question in the back of my mind.



I found your site about a month ago. I must admit I check my RSS feed on your site almost daily. The past few days I have been going stir crazy without a new post. Whoever unsubscribed shame on them -- feel free to write whenever you please, I'll be here ready (and willing) to start reading. :)

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