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Will Women Buy Sex?

Images3By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter

NYT Headline: Sex and The City and Its Lasting Female Appeal

When it comes to products helping to promote the coming film based on the popular TV series “Sex and the City,” it seems the sky is the limit.

Better make that the Skyy is the limit, as in Skyy vodka, which is being named the “official spirits sponsor” for the movie. Among the tie-ins are drinks made with Skyy to be served at Houlihan’s restaurants and named after characters like Carrie, Samantha and Mr. Big.

Houlihan's???? Please. Carrie wouldn't set one Manolo-shod foot in there.  Mr. Big would tell his driver to speed up - right past the parking lot. 

In reading the article, I wonder if we'll even be able to see the cast, what with all the product placements.  But will those placements sell anything to us women?  (I drink Vodka, I wear comfortable shoes, I don't go to Houlihan's. I won't be going to see the movie anyway.)

“We’ve positioned this movie from the beginning as ‘the Super Bowl for women,’ ” said Chris Carlisle, president for marketing at New Line Cinema, part of Time Warner, borrowing a phrase used by Madison Avenue to celebrate the large female audience for the annual broadcasts of the Academy Awards.

“So we want to align only with those brands that make sense, that match up with the ‘Sex and the City’ brand,” he added, “and extend our footprint, not duplicate it.”

"Super Bowl?" But, how many people actually buy anything based on the Super Bowl commercials?  Lots of corporate ego stroking, ad agency analysis of "best of" lists, blahh, blahhhh, blaaahhhh...but what about the viewers (the ones who aren't in the bathroom or kitchen during the breaks)?  It's unlikely they even remember the commercial in a week, much less the company that paid those big bucks. ("Yeah, that Terminator commercial was cool...what company was that again?")   

Seems to me the movie fans will be more focused on whether Mr. Big and Carrie will really make it to the altar...not what they're drinking while they discuss reception seating arrangements.

Now, while I found Sex & The City occasionally and mildly amusing - I was never a big fan.  It  was  sorta fun to see what increasingly bizarre get-up they'd put on Sara Jessica Parker and call "high fashion" as the seasons progressed.  However, there was way too much screen time devoted to Samantha getting naked with a series of men (No, nudity doesn't shock me. We all know getting nekkid can be great fun.  However, I've always felt sex was more of a participant than a spectator sport, thank you.)   

And, while they did grow (a little) through the years, the "girls" were typically so incredibly self-involved, it was - well - insulting to real live, thinking, feeling women.  I like to think most of us care more about - oh, say - global heating than having a closet full of way over-priced hooker shoes.   

What do you think?  Has S&TC's time passed?  Can the movie help sell more vodka at Houlihan's?  Does Sarah Jessica Parker need to put her foot down and refuse to be dressed like a clown?  Have you ever bought anything because you saw it in a movie? 

That's all folks!  Have a great weekend.



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LA Blogger Gal

I don't believe there was one thing from SATC that I felt any sort of influence or need to buy. I was tempted to get the horseshoe necklace at one point but decided not to. I was thrilled once when they played a small, tiny, portion of a little known song that I'd been grooving on for a while - but it was such a short clip I doubt it sold any records for the artist.

I know I wouldn't be running out to Houlihans to get a special SATC drink made with Skyy vodka. Oh wait, I bet tons of the "rabbit" vibrators were sold thanks to SATC.

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