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I've been meaning to write about this for a long time - long being a relative term - let's say weeks, not months. Anyway, the Sundance Channel has announced a new contest that I know some of you will want to enter and be part of.


According to the press release I received, "Sundance Channel invites consumers to share their inspired eco-solutions in the second annual national contest entitled "What's the Big Idea?" presented by Lexus Hybrid Living. The contest, in which consumers submit a short film or photo essay demonstrating how they work green, play green, eat green or live green, helps to kick off season two of Sundance Channel's original series "Big Ideas for a Small Planet," which launches on April 1 as part of The Green." See what I mean by "long time..." the contest started the first of this month. But, it goes till May 20th, so you can still enter.

The Green presents a lively mix of original series, documentary premieres and interstitital series about the earth's ecology... and you can find out more at their green page on the site.

Everyone knows, I hope, that the Sundance Channel is under the creative direction of Robert Redford. For this contest, you can access the Advisory Board at this link.


If you want to get in front of women, who are going green at increasing rWemagcovermaryhuntates every year, you might want  to read my latest article at Adotas. It contains some of my comments about Blogher, also. Women are blogging and you should be connecting with us in the blogosphere.

Case in point, Mary Hunt of In Women We Trust. She graces the cover of Heidi Richards' e-Zine, WE Magazine for Women, this month (see here). Heidi, of course, is the founder of Women's ECommerce Assoc., International, and someone I very much admire. Together, Mary and Heidi are a green force to be reckoned with. You'll see on Mary's blog that she has a link to a survey titled: "Purses, Peers, Posts and the Power to Move Green Markets"
... I hope you'll all hop over and take it.

That's where I'm off to now. Oh, after you read that, visit the petblog at Scratchings and Sniffings. There's some good content there for going green with your pets. And yes, I'm bragging. I wrote it. But, I didn't compose it...I am merely the reporter. Truth is, I got the pet content from Diane at The Big Green Purse. (ever notice how bloggers talk about the same people over and over? that's because we have relationships with them... and I'll talk about that at a later date, so stay tuned.)

Go's good for Mother Earth and it's good for you.


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Thanks Yvonne, Heidi and I appreciate the green endorsement, you're one of our favorite green gals.

Erica (your first commenter) noted that her step mother pushes everything green. That's the point of the article and the survey, women do teach green ways to their families. The rewiring of society begins at home.

Erica N

I think this whole idea of going green is great especialy since earth day is coming up... it would be a good idea for my step mother to sign up she is all about green she really lives by that GREEN EVERYTHING it is a good way to live and she has pushed it on to us her family to live by that but then again it does get kind of hard at times i must say .

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