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As Customers, We Always Have A Choice!

By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter Trap: Companies thinking they've got a captive customer, with no choice, so they treat those customers like walking magic money jars. Example: Airlines. Their customers have to fly, right? They've got NO CHOICE! Hmmmm...not so fast there, fellas. Headline: Less flying costs American... Read more →

Sex and the City "Purse-onality" Style Contest Promotes Online Retailer

Now Memorial Day weekend is traditionally known as our unofficial start of summer here in the U.S. Us women can now feel comfortable wearing white pants and shoes again. Those of us living in the northern part of the country can rest at ease taking our houseplants outside and planting... Read more →

Small Business Should Be Recognized and Supported
Which means, WOMEN Should Be Recognized and Supported, in Small Business

The economy is a favorite subject of business and political pundits, today. The economy is an ever-present issue in our lives - all day, every day. Hence, it baffles me why it only gets attention -- major attention -- during an election year. I will openly admit here, on this... Read more →

Do Women Spend Too Much Time in Front of the Mirror?

So, Meredith Corp, the huge group that publishes all the women's magazines like Better Homes and Gardens, Parents, Ladies' Home Journal, Family Circle, More, etc, etc, sent me a press release that I had to share. It just goes to the inner core of women's perceptions of themselves...and the whole... Read more →