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Sex and the City "Purse-onality" Style Contest Promotes Online Retailer

Now Memorial Day weekend is traditionally known as our unofficial start of summer here in the U.S. Us women can now feel comfortable wearing white pants and shoes again. Those of us living in the northern part of the country can rest at ease taking our houseplants outside and planting annuals. It is also begins the release of a flurry of summer movies all trying to break box office records.

Indianiaisback This past weekend we had the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which drew in a huge audience that put the film on its way to become the second-biggest Memorial Day movie opening ever, just behind Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End which was released this time last year. Major brands get behind these films with huge promotional budgets hoping that the film will be a hit and that their investment will pay off. I've been writing on my blog about the new Indy movie release and the big brands that the film has partnerships with which include Burger King, Dr. Pepper, Expedia and Major League Baseball to name a few. This is big business!

Now this coming weekend we have another big movie release that is specifically targeted to us women, and one that I'm personally very eager to see which is the return of the ladies from New York, "Sex and The City", the Movie. I'm a big fan of the series and I have to admit, I really miss these characters. I just had a discussion with Yvonne, who is not a fan, about why I like these ladies so much. I'm sure that there are many of us out there that love these women like I do...and those that REALLY don't. So I may have just opened a can of worms with this post.

Sexandthecity_2Anyhow, what ever camp you may be in I wanted to tell you about this small, online retailer that was able to partner with New Line Cinema to promote themselves along with the movie premiere. BAG BORROW OR STEAL is a unique online store with a interesting business model which lets women borrow designer handbags and jewelry. Founded in 2004, they are the largest online "borrowed luxury" retailer focused on providing a new means for women to access and enjoy luxury accessories. For those that are into designer fashion and styles, you can become a member and rent these authentic accessories for a week, a month, or as long as you wish. You also have the option to buy, or "steal" them as they claim.  They currently have a member base of more than 450,000 with more than 3,000 handbags, 650 styles of jewelry from more than 100 designers, including Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Stephen Dweck and Vera Wang.

Sexcitywin So Bag Borrow or Steal developed this "Style Profile Contest" which invited women to submit videos they created that identify which "Sex in the City" character whose style most resembles their own, as represented by the handbags and accessories found in their closet. So, entrants needed to explain in the video if they think they're style resembles Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda and why.

A total of 33 videos were submitted on YouTube. Some may say that is a low number, which it is. I think they wanted to at least get 50, but the did get 60 members that signed up in this YouTube group. I don't think they had a huge budget to promote the contest. Plus, the videos all took some time to create and women had to give some real thought to this. Some women chose Charlotte for her classic style and her favorite Chanel designer handbags. Other chose Samantha based on her desire to stand out in the crowd and have bags that are bold and colorful. Carrie's style is described as spunky, spontaneous, energetic, a real individual, so her bags are always unique. Miranda was chosen because she's a polished career-woman with a child, so the bags that she needs has to be stylish, but also be able to carry a few necessities, like extra diapers!

Sexinthecitypremiere The grand prize winner was announced yesterday on the BAG BORROW OR STEAL Website. "Arrested For Stealing", by Stacey Rae, is in New York City right now for the Sex and the City movie premiere which was last night at Radio City Music Hall. Stacey also received airfare, hotel, transportation and $500 spending money along with $500 credit to the online store.

The panel of judges, Jennifer Sherry of E!, Marissa Rubin of People Stylewatch, Carol Han of, Pam Pekerman of, and Lesley Scott of, stated that they were "Enamored by her passion for handbags and Sex and the City, and for her hilariously creative representation of herself as Carrie Bradshaw". You can view Stacey's winning video and all the videos entrants here on YouTube. All entrants are receiving a $250 borrow credit from the store!

BAG BORROW OR STEAL's website also offers a separate sweepstakes that lets visitors take an online quiz to find their “Sex and the City purse-onality” for a chance to win additional credit, movie posters and T-Shirts. Plus they've created a “Sex and the City” shop filled with a collection of luxury accessories inspired by the four ladies of the series. They've provided a forward to friends tool to help spread the word and of course they have a link to the movie trailer. I think BAG BORROW OR STEAL did a great job of developing a promotion that really tied in their brand and the movie together perfectly. Even though they didn't get tons of videos, they did get some great publicity, which by blogging about them here makes me part of their PR.

So, those of us Sex and the City fans, here's the big question...Do you think Carrie will end up marrying Mr. Big?  Check out the official movie website for more fun. There's icons and wallpapers you can download, a really great soundtrack you can listen to and there's even this Official Movie Blog. It all looks great to me!


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Lip Sticking

The bag looks lovely..

Cynthia Nixon

Gorgeous looking women.. Love them but not the movie..

Sex and city purse

Amazing collection and i love the colour......

Donna DeClemente

Thanks Jodi for reaching out and leaving a comment here. I really think you did a great job of pulling it all together to create a very on-target promotion. I’m going to try and get to see the movie this weekend or next. I'd love to try and rent something from your store soon. Good luck with the business.


Dear Lip-Sticking,
I loved your post - thanks for the shout-out about Bag Borrow or Steal.
We are thrilled to be a part of the Sex and the City movie and invite all of your readers to give "borrowing" a try.

All the best and keep writing!

Jodi Watson
Chief Marketing Officer
Bag Borrow or Steal

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