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At The Risk of Repeating Myself & Boring You

Blahblahblah By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter

This past week I wrote (what I thought) was a funny post about marketing to men (women) on my Mary Schmidt blog.  One of my commenters didn't agree, and is bored by me writing about the topic "over and over."  He says he "got it" re marketing and market targeting/segmentation in six hours.   Which is great for him.  However, unfortunately, many people never "get it."  And those of us who do, have to keep "getting it." 

Of course, "getting it" is a whole different thing from "doing it" ...and then there's "doing it" successfully and repeatedly

For example, I can read about puff pastry; I can look at it; I can eat it (man, can I eat it!); I can know how it's supposed to taste; I can understand the theory...but making puff pastry and making it well are two more entirely different tasks. (If nothing else, the time involved. Yikes! Even many professional chefs pay it pre-made.)   

I've been doing the marketing thing for years - and have done all kinds of programs for all kinds of target customers.  But, it's always a new game, since those targets aren't paper bulls-eyes - they're people, with their own emotions, needs, and perspectives. Those customer have minds of their own, dang it!  Don't they know they're supposed to be overwhelmed by my (the marketer's) brilliance and the product should simply fly off the shelf?!  Uh. No. First they need to know where that shelf is...and then want to go to the shelf..then not get distracted on the way...then open their wallet...etc. etc.

So, yep, I guess I'll keep repeating myself.  But I'm in excellent company, including my fellow bloggers right here at Lip-Sticking.

Happy Friday!   


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There's a reason that marriage counselers aren't going out of business and there's a reason that people giving advice on how to marketing to women need to say it again and again. If it was so dang easy and obvious, then why did it take business so long to get with it?

Beyond Niche Marketing

This makes me chuckle. Obviously you've got someone who is seeking the "secret to create marketing magic".

The thing is, you're PROVIDING the secret magic marketing formula:tightly target your market, your message and your message delivery.

The devil is in the details and the execution. Marketing is all about testing (a.k.a. failing) and trying again.

Keep preaching! The converted are nodding while the sinners are complaining.

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