Gosh Guys, It's the Little Things...Part 1
Dear Person Who Used to Like Me

Daughter's Sofa = 1; Yvonne = 0

The_happy_familySo, I missed Father's Day. Well, I was around, but not in any shape to write a post congratulating the great dads of the world. I was only semi-alert.

Here's the short version - because typing one-handed is not any fun...

On Friday last week I was happily enjoying time with my daughter and her family in sunny Colorado when...during a giggling session with my 10-year-old granddaughter, Miah, tragedy struck.

Miah and I were racing to reach the sofa when yours truly slipped (or something; not at all sure what really happened - it was so fast) and went headlong into the edge of the sofa.

This is a substantial piece of furniture. I bounced off of it, I think, hit the floor...and screamed. More than once. I felt pain as never before. Tom and Chloe, my daughter, were on top of things immediately. They kept me calm, figured out what was hurting, and Chloe fetched a sling. Miah was terrified, of course. I was also a bit frightened. After all, I could not move. In the end, I am so glad I was the one who got hurt. Miah has all summer ahead of her - she does not need the handicap of injury to spoil her summer vacation.

A visit to the emergency room and a series of x-rays revealed a dislocated shoulder and a hill sack's deformity. I was put under, the dislocation was popped back in and when I awoke I was insructed to visit an orthopedic surgeon once I got home. Luckily for me, one of my authors is an orthopedic surgeon - so, I saw her on Tuesday and she said surgery is not indicated. Yay!

I am still in a sling and on pain-killers. I will not be posting...unless we do audio. Maybe this is an indication that I should be doing podcasting. After all, I can still talk!

Stay tuned...recovery promises to be extensive.


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Yvonne - Ouch! what a blogging diva you are posting with one hand. Get better fast.


Yvonne - Ouch! what a blogging diva you are posting with one hand. Get better fast.


Yvonne - Ouch! what a blogging diva you are posting with one hand. Get better fast.


Yvonne - Ouch! what a blogging diva you are posting with one hand. Get better fast.


Wow, remind me not to play musical chairs with you. Get better soon!

Average Jane

Yikes, Yvonne! That's scary! I'm glad to hear that you won't have to have surgery, but it's still bad that you're in pain. Take it easy until you feel better.

Michele Miller

Geez-o-peez, Yvonne! Sounds like you were trying to do your best Mary Lou Retton imitation! So sorry to hear of your injury - at least they knocked you out to put your shoulder back in. Secretly, I'm delighted that you have to slow down a bit for awhile - you need the break! We'll miss you = tell Tom I said hi!


Oh my gosh! I hope the pain meds are good and that you heal more quickly than you anticipate!
Jott.com is a really cool resource - you - i.e. Tom - can log in and set up an account very easily. You call the 866# and say what you want to jott to - you can jott to Twitter so you can update twitter easily! You can also jott to your blog I think, or at least to your email and copy/paste to blog.........................This in no way implies that I think you should be working!!!!!!!!!!!! But I know you are a dedicated woman so maybe those tips will help you do what you feel you need to do a bit easier!
Love and best wishes,

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