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Ladies and Gentlemen: Off With Your Sk*rts!


Couldn't resist sharing this... The small site formerly known as Sk*rt, just changed its name. This "style-site for women" (so the note I got told me - and a visit confirms), is taking "leadership position" in the "cutting edge market" it exists in.

Now, I don't really know what cutting edge market it's talking about...I, personally, am tired of 'cutting edge'... I get enough of that on Law and Order and CSI. But, I like the layout and design of this site. Not fond of the 'pea green' color...even though I see it everywhere now. I guess it's the "new" orange. Orange was the fav last year, I'm told. (and, sometimes the color isn't pea green, it's more aqua, which I do like...go figure, monitors are not all alike!)

Anyway, this is a women-centric site. I keep telling myself I'm not going to write about any more women's sites, but...I couldn't resist the note a friend sent me that Sk*rt was changing its name...and that it became Kirtsy. There is some of that kind of thinking going on over at WME.

The site is pretty intuitive, with the three column setup, and specific items "in your face" like Guest Editor (today that's Maggie Mason...good choice! Check her out if you have product to sell). I also like the Top Stories and the Most Popular. (although, the high schooler in me cringes at the word 'popular'... can't we find a better way to describe things a whole lot of people enjoy? I don't think I was ever in the "in" crowd with the popular kids...)

Hey, don't take my view, hop over to the site and explore and see if you like it, too. See if there's anything there for you. I mean, it's another women's community. But, it's not like a lot of the others. It's not only about business and networking, or only about fashion and shoes. It's about us - and our lives. You know, you and me...not Whoopi or Candice or some 'famous' news writer. It's chatty and fun and interesting.   

And, if you're thinking of attending Blogher '08 in July, you better get over to this link...

Way to go, General Motors! Check out that red Malibu Hybrid! To die for!


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Wedding Ideas

The site Kirsty.com has some great info. I was there to check it out and was there for almost an hour.

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