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Sharing the Link Love on a Tuesday

Tuesdays used to be Fit by Five days. In the early days of this blog my Tuesday post was written to give folks 5 ways to increase business. That usually involved sharing links...and link love is something I enjoy so here goes...

First, I am not linking to Vidshadow. They contacted me earlier this month and I've been to their video site twice and I see nothing in it worth sharing here. Sorry.

Girlsgogreen I will mention my friends at Lucid Marketing, the Marketing to Moms folks. Kevin's recent newsletter had a great article about social media, written by John King, their new president. He asks some great questions, like, "What behaviors change as users are attracted to and participate in social networks?"

He notes that the answer comes from a Universal McCann study that said, "Social media is an important shift, as it summarizes the importance of interaction, the consumer and the community. The term emphasizes the idea that as a collective it can have as much impact as any traditional media platform."  To whit, John says it all affects the following ways:

  • 34% [of consumers] post opinions about products and brands on their blog
  • 36% [of consumers] think more positively about companies that have blogs

Over at Ask Patty! Automotive Advice for Women, you can find a wealth of content about cars, taking care of cars, buying cars, traveling, and more. This blog and site is more than a chatty place to complain about how badly you were treated by your local car dealership (although you can do that, too). It's about the whole experience...and it's worth a visit once a week, at least. The link here will take you to some female-friendly dealers in your area.

A quick mention of Going Green. We're all trying, harder than ever, to embrace the green concept. It's not easy...despite our good intentions. Yes, we can change our lightbulbs (that's easy), and use canvas bags to carry groceries (not as easy...what if you continually forget to take them with you to the store?), and we can turn off lights, etc. But, what else can we do?

What about attending a conference on Green? Can't hurt. So, here's your chance...

Generational Communications: X+Y = Boomers is being held on June 19th in New York. Here's a shortened description:

The Baby Boomers, born between 1945 and 1964, will start to retire in 2011. Boomers spend money and consume products very differently from later generations. Organizations who understand the Boomer's changing needs have a large but challenging opportunity in front of them. We will explore case studies from leading companies who have successfully segmented their communications according to generation.

If you visit the link above and use this code: BDI , you'll get in for $175.

Couldn't resist this one on camping. According to Kampground of America (KOA), "Campground owners across the nation notice a subtle change in the demographic of their guests who buy or rent recreational part trailers or 'park models': single women of all ages..."Stonecanyonlodges 

Who knew? A "cottage-like product you can use as a rental cabin." The release I received quoted Tim O'Neil, managing partner for the new Lakeside Cabin Resort near Three Oaks, MI saying, "...single women fit into one of three categories: single mothers who want a nice place to take their kids...;women in their 40s to 60s who enjoy antique shopping, art galleries and restaurants and want something affordable; and women of all ages who are just looking for a place to get away ..." [pic is from Stone Canyon Lodges, Bear Creek AL)

You can learn more at the Recreational Park Trailer Industry Association site.

And, last but not least, here's the long-awaited new Downtown Women's Club website: Downtown Women's Club. Way to go, Diane! I don't mention her enough. She is the quintessential gal for helping the rest of us succeed. She works hard (as a Mom, too) and is focused on many of the same things I am: helping other women, and their significant others - male or female - be successful.  Check out the new site and visit the blog, if you do nothing else today.

Cheers! (I"m in CO visiting the daughter and granddaughter! Yay! Am also working...but that goes with the territory - when am I not working?) 


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Jody DeVere


Thanks for the link love. How are you!

Jody Devere

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