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Web 2.0 and the Beijing Olympic Games

The opening of the Beijing Olympic Games is now only 10 days away and many of the athletes, media and other various visitors are all starting to arrive in China. I've been covering the various marketing programs that this year's sponsors have developed. A couple of weeks ago I wrote... Read more →

McCain's Two Biggest Marketing Problems

By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter No, no - come back. I'm not going to bloviate on McCain's "marketing to women." That'd be a whole book. He's got far more fundamental problems than how to reach us young/old/right/left/white/brown/angry/happy/soccer mom/Wal-Mart shopper/rural/urban/educated/rich/poor/etc. femmes. (Hmmm...there's a not-so-subtle point about target marketing in... Read more →

BMW - No Woman's Answer to Transportation:
Please Leave the Dealership

I'm fuming right now. Sabine Clappaert over at Muse, which is a great marketing to women site, sent me a link that has me boiling over! BMW, it seems, respects women less than...Special K (read my thoughts on that here), and even less than Vogue - which caused such an... Read more →

Real Entrepreneurs Don't Eat Lunch (or breakfast, or dinner)

Anita Campbell had a provocative post on her Small Biz Trends blog last week. In it, she discussed the book The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. She recommends the book, with this caveat, "...I'd suggest you NEVER ...take the title of this book literally." I think that's good advice.... Read more →