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Andy Sernovitz: Blogs, Buzz and A Crash Course on WOM

In my travels during the last four plus years that I've been blogging about marketing to women online, I've met some impressive folk. One of the most impressive is Andy Sernovitz - formerly of Word of Mouth Marketing Association, a place  (and concept) I talk about regularly and recommend regularly.

I heard Andy speak at an ad:tech event (NY, where I was presenting on marketing to women online)...and he was, by far, one of the best presenters at ad:tech that day. His genuine passion for this topic (word of mouth) came through loud and clear, supported by his knowledge and professionalism.Wordofmouthcrashcourse

Andy wrote to me a few days ago to give me an update on what he's doing today and it's something I had to share. Here's the scoop - and yes, this is a recommendation: if you would master word of mouth marketing, here's the place to do it: at Andy Sernovitz's Word of Mouth Crash Course: a ONE DAY seminar that will turn you into a "word of mouth marketing genius."

This is NOT salespeak. This is NOT bragging. This is truth. This is reality. You cannot go wrong if you get in front of Andy and take the time to learn what he has to share. Here's what he says about this crash course in word of mouth,

"This is not a generic theory conference. You will leave with a customized action plan in hand. You’ll know exactly what to do to get people talking about you as soon as you get back to the office. Results are guaranteed."

You do know that he wrote the book on this subject? With a foreword by Seth Godin and an Afterword by Guy Kawasaki. How can you NOT get on board for this crash course...and bring your copy of Andy's book to be signed?

Okay, the big scoop is...I cannot make the July 30th event, in Chicago...more's the pity. But, I am putting this on my seminar/conference list as a priority to get to - in the fall. Andy assures me this will be offered more than once (maybe monthly!)

I'm psyched, even though I cannot make this month's crash course. Though I think I'm pretty good at word of mouth, and I stand on ceremony that women are better at it than men are (Andy will tell you differently and he's entitled to his opinion; I expect when I get to his class he'll aprise me of the truth - or I'll get stubborn and we'll discuss it...politely - somehow, I think he'll win), there is no one I respect and admire more when it comes to this topic, than Andy Sernovitz.

Iamsad Please take this opportunity to get to Chicago on July 30th. Andy promises that you will be able to show "measurable results in 60 days." I believe it. Learn from the guy who teaches the Fortune 500 about word of mouth.

I can't say it better than that. Man am I bummed I can't be there on the 30th. I hope you can be. And to encourage you further...

We've arranged for a $250 discount for our clients. Use code "welovewindsor" when you register.


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Ardith Lowell

Hello Andy and Yvonne,

This sounds great! Any chance Andy could turn this into a webcast? As out-of-state travel is not in the cards for me any time soon, I'd gladly pay for a web version.

Best regards to you both, Ardith

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